Saturday, May 25, 2024

Saturday [18 till close of play]

(2212) Awoke, blogged a bit, back to sleep.

22.  Just a few more to take us out

21.  Andy NOWP 660: 5 and 6


20.  Dgr, Labour, Israel

"There's a theme developing.... "

Yes ... I'll try to find Dgr's other links on it.  Er ... Saturday [5 to 10].

Penseivat too:

"7b. Has anyone investigated the possibility of Palestine/Hamas/Islamic supporters channelling 'donations' to Labour, Corbyn's or Galloway's mobs? Just curious."

19.  A few more things

a.  Evets 3 just now

"Black Woman From Chicago Urges Trump to do a Rally There, Says City Would Give Him a ‘Hero’s Welcome’"

Oh yes, very much so ... if the old guy can do it ... he stays fit too and must keep his mind active ... plus if he is bumped off, no big deal, someone close would step in, Melania would become the sacred mother in a way, the American Dream ... Donny's doing a very good thing and the savages in suits are scared all right.

b.  Dgr mentioned

"That "no internet" thingy keeps appearing for me too. Except I know damned well that I'm connected to the internet because I can access other links no problem. So I deduce from that that it the the site I'm trying to access is where the problem lies."

Except in my case, the net did disappear for all purposes, I had to reload in another place, reboot. No big deal.

c.  Mudplugger wrote

"Don't knock Green Shield Stamps"

Not all are ... I think I recall those ... they were part of what was.

d.  Andy wrote

"I was quite pleased with the result of the Manchester derby thingy."

Yes, I can see that ... I've just lost that football mojo now ... think it's the corporate state of the game, the pub society too of old having gone.

18.  A bit of live blogging

Took a snooze earlier, maybe 1830, nothing left to do and a bit tummy wonky.

About 2117 ... woke up, no noise next door, it was light through the little window ... goodness, thought I ... morning already, which is about 0430 here ... that's a mighty long sleep for me.

Then realised it was getting darker, not lighter ... then looked at the ipad. Toodles was reporting on family doings, plus two lizards clearly starting a family ... embarrassingly so.

Now, long-suffering reader, I'm surrounded by family and families now ... not mine to be sure but still "civilised", which has not been in this house in the past ... more like the wild west and me a very prickly character too. Ageing.

This though is bizarre ... young couple next door, she has her parents over, they're the typical "olds", dressed in that upper-middle way, whatever they actually are, daughter loving them but also probably telling them to behave.

I met them downstairs this morning, they'd been all over the place, driven by daughter. The guy next door I texted: "Lonely?"

"Not at all ... I have the cat!" Dripping with pathos.  Now I'm starting to think you know:

* I'm older than their parents and the parents are typical "children have now flown the nest, so we’re travelling", a fine couple but I repeat ... my junior!

*  Went to get myself some fruit and double cream, put it in my best bowl, thought I'd best put the dessert fork out as well as the parfait spoon. Need to keep this place clean and tidy. I do generally ... ish ... but especially now ... civilised, dontchaknow.

* Thinking further that if I wish to be the type they would wish to know, then I have to be a nice old chap, fit, sprightly, not smelly, everything trim ... I quickly add that I do anyway ... no resting on laurels, need to cook properly, clean ... coz the day I can't is the day I lose independence. The gym helps, the blog dies too the day health stops.

* My own parents ... what would they be doing? They were into the gardening ... me no gardener. How were they acting? Well, they had friends over, they visited, went to garden centres, their idea of a good afternoon out.  Me? I've a blog to run, haven't I?

* I can't afford illness, as simple as that.  Yes, I've always been fiercely independent but if you can believe this ... it's not the independence per se ... it's wishing still to be in a civilised environment around me.  And these young(ish) folk on our floor, making their way, with me seemingly being liked by them ... well best I behave, take care  of business etc. ... best I'm not an embarrassment but rather "a nice old chap, sense of humour" or something.

* Far cry from the rottweilers some of us are. I can be cutting, can burn bridges ... I'm fighting myself not to be like that ... we on the whole ... you, me ... we need to retain that "take no prisoners" stance and be in good enough nick, not unlike Dad's Army ... to be ready with our weapons of mass destruction ... the keyboard in our case but if anyone did try to break in here ... let's just say I'd most certainly take a couple of em with me, not the slightest doubt, the savages.

* Civilised ... third or fourth time I've used the word now? Civilised ... that's the key, chaps and chapesses ... we MUST remain civilised towards each other, no mercy towards the monsters, the enemy. 

I've run out of things to say and it's 2246 ... best check the blog, email, Gab, Twitter. Have a good Saturday evening. Be alert ... your country needs lerts etc.

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  1. 19b No Internet - round here they are switching off the phone lines and forcing everyone to go VOIP. So I assume they are pissing about with stuff in the local exchange. Home accesss to the 'Net has never been so erratic.


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