Saturday, May 25, 2024

Saturday [12 to 17]

(1730) There’s some sort of cup final on, I believe, this side of the pond … probably won by City. Shall check after this. (2211)

17.  How's your botulism level just now?

16.  Our sky at our 1739

… been a lovely sunny day:

15.  Again I’m not buying in for now, personally

14.  AKH and Green Shield stamps

“As I remember it, the whole thing eventually became rather tedious because of offers such as "quad stamps" at filling stations. We'd end up with reams of the things every time we filled up with petrol, then we had to stick them into little books like the one I saw. Once we'd filled enough books we'd go to the Green Shield store in Derby to exchange them for something we didn't really want.”

13.  Scores

12.  Steve

War Room Battleground EP 541: The Fall Of Europe; The Escalation Of War In Europe |


  1. I was quite pleased with the result of the Manchester derby thingy. We need someone else to join the glorious Villa in competing with the top sides. Things could get a bit fruity over the next couple of seasons. Forget the money and its sources, be it oil, business or pornography ( Wet Spam), its entertainment. I am entertained.

  2. Evets 1

    “Greatest Medical Crime in Human History, a Humanitarian Disaster of Unprecedented Proportions” |

    Face masks did nothing to stop people from getting sick during Covid, study finds |

    WHO fails to get agreement on the text of the Pandemic Treaty but it is not over yet |

    Artificial Intelligence: The consumer is the prey |

    Failing EV industry is a lesson to businesses; never underestimate the power of consumers |

    CIA, WEF run the entire mainstream media empire |

    The ultra-secret scheme is finally exposed |

    She said it..

    Barbara Lerner Spectre on Jews and European Multiculturalism |

  3. Evets 2

    Russian army launched 49 strikes, defeated Kiev forces in several directions past week: MOD |

    NATO, time has come to hit Russia hard. Putin entourage. Reuters floats freeze with Elensky gone - Alex Christoforou |

    Giving [The] Ukraine Missiles to Shoot Into Russia Is a Declaration of War |

    Nuclear escalation, Moscow on Zelensky, Swiss Talk, West vs China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia - Levan Gudadze |

    Russian army hit river crossing set up by Kiev forces in Kharkiv with LMUR missile (Vidoes) |

    Putin & Lukashenko prepare for NATO escalation - The Duran |

    US favors more escalation in [The] Ukraine, Gaza |

    Russia Advances Chasov Yar, Takes Villages; Jams Starlink, HIMARS; West Escalates, Armavir, Russian Assets - Alexander Mercouris |

  4. Don't knock Green Shield Stamps - when they were all the vogue I worked in a petrol station often offering quad stamps, if the customer didn't ask for them they were mine. You'd be amazed the amount of books I filled, didn't need to collect useless things, the full books could be sold for cash, I considered it a bonus scheme.

  5. Evets 3

    Corrupt Judge Merchan Sides with Bragg’s Prosecutors, Rules Jury Does Not Need to Unanimously Agree on “Predicate” Crimes in Trump ‘Hush Money’ Case |

    Jack Smith Seeks Order Barring Trump From Criticizing Law Enforcement Over Deadly Force Authorization for Mar-a-Lago Raid |

    Trump Taunts Jack Smith After Request to Bar Him From Criticizing Law Enforcement Over Deadly Force Authorization in Mar-a-Lago Raid |

    NBC News Reporter Stunned by Support for Trump From Black and Latino Voters at Bronx Rally (Video) |

    CNN Reporter Admits the Truth About Trump’s Bronx Rally, and It’s Not What Democrats Want to See |

    Black Woman From Chicago Urges Trump to do a Rally There, Says City Would Give Him a ‘Hero’s Welcome’ (Video) |

    Clip Resurfaces of Chuck Schumer Calling for Amnesty and Citizenship for “All of Them 11 Million or However Many” Illegals, Elon Musk Responds: “People Still Think This is Some Crazy Conspiracy Theory!” (Video) |

  6. Evets 4

    Leo Hohmann: NATO Has Become the Military Wing of a Globalist Power Structure That Promotes the Self-Destruction of All Nations and a Depopulated World |

    Billionaire Blackstone’s CEO Steve Schwarzman Pledges Full Support and Funding for Trump in the 2024 Presidential Election |

    Big Silicon Valley Investors Abandon Biden in Droves – And Many Are Embracing Trump |

    Federal Agents Found Out During 2016 Election That Joe Biden Met with Hunter’s Chinese Business Partners – But Kept It a Secret |

    Lucid Becomes Latest EV Manufacturer to Announce Layoffs, Will Cut Six Percent of Workforce |

    30-Year-Old Professional Golfer Grayson Murray Dies Suddenly After Withdrawing from Charles Schwab Challenge |

    Kate Middleton May ‘Not Appear in Public for the Rest of the Year’ and Is Being ‘Surrounded’ by Family Amid Cancer Diagnosis, Sources Say |

  7. During my military career, I spent a posting on a tank transporter unit in the UK. The tractors were the mighty Antars which had two 100 Gallons tanks. It was great fun, when in convoy, filling up at petrol stations which offered double green shield stamps for purchases of four gallons of more. The books of stamps were supposed to be given to the unit for welfare purposes, but there were quite a few married crew members with new furniture or tvs.

  8. Mudplugger and Penseivat … and why not, say I.


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