About James Higham

James Higham is the founding author at Nourishing Obscurity. 

English, Northumbrian, Irish, Australian, connections with France, Sicily, the States, Canada and South Africa, he returned to the UK in 2008.

Background mainly in education but also former storeman, DJ, builder, screenprinter, gardener, shop assistant, thespian, stage manager, military and various other ventures.

Prefers cooler climes and places with four proper seasons in the year - fave time from late autumn to early spring.

In brief

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Increasingly difficult to pinpoint, especially in the last couple of years with the rise of Deplorables.  This below was how it was in the old left/right days:

Main targets

#  The vaguely termed Them [oligarchs, banksters, the global elite], the left establishment, feminazis, Karens,, the gay mafia, Common Purpose - those Deplorables don't like.

#  Humbug from any side.

Spiritual side

Privately Christian, detesting fundamentalist bigotry, it’s not a major theme at the blog but any bollox written about it by those with an agenda will be attacked.

He prefers the traditional: