Friday, September 24, 2021

But are there enough of 'em?

Shirley now the Northern Oirish could never be accused of overkill?  Wearing the green?

Are flashmobs overkill in Budapest?

How about at Schloss Schönbrunn?

Friday [4 onwards]

Just got to the keyboard at 12:26 p.m., running waaaaay late, about ten items to run before exploring.

12.  Recommending Torquaymada

Do keep an eye on these videos, they're sleepers:

11.  Quislings to the left of me, quislings to the right

... here I'm sitting centre-right with you:
The Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer is CNN’s newest audit correspondent. Stephen Richer, a “Republican” actually wrote a piece for CNN, his most trusted news source. It wasn’t that long ago that Richer was a Democrat graduate student. An astute Thomas Sowell fan destroyed his ridiculous analogy relating a full forensic election audit  [GS]
10.  Steve War Room

Episode 1,283 – Listen To The Witnesses 

Episode 1,284 – We Need To Get Our $5 Trillion Back From China

9.  Phantom Digger

a.  "Congress Quietly Sneaks In Crypto-Bill Amendment Authorizing Central Bank Digital Currency" 

b.  Clue in the title: 

c.  Website by whistleblowers/scientists on all things covid. 

"If you are new to our work related to COVID-19 here are the articles from our members & supporters to get you started."

8.  Haiku

[a.  I'm not sure if haiku is extracting the amber or not - he just sent something from the NYT, instantly binnable rag - on astrology.  Yesterday was the bloody Guardian. This one seems more sound - I watched some of it and as it's about the SA situation, it might be worth looking at:]

[b.  This one might be ok too, see what you think:]

7.  Duncan B

A certain CEO (in this case, Pfizer) advises...

[Shall come back to this with a view to running it.]

6.  Dr. Mal and his practice

A must read, folks, via haiku:

5.  Richard Wellings

Couldn't be bothered screenshotting but Twitter are enticing me again to give them a phone number.  Richard was saying that govts love when people blame energy companies to distract from green policies.  amen.

4.  Daily Sceptic mailing

Panda has compiled a damning list of studies and statistical analyses that have been not been given fair coverage by most news outlets. Even the U.K. statistics watchdog criticised the Government for hiding Covid data on more than one occasion.

With respect to the vaccines, it’s clear that the Government and most media have not been providing accurate information that the public have a right to know. For instance, Public Health England has yet to provide full data on vaccines to anyone outside a select few, so it is not possible to conduct full independent analyses of safety and efficacy. The ZOE Covid Study, which receives Government funding, suddenly changed its methodology in July in a way that appears to fit more closely to the Government narrative.

If a cheat is in a position of power then another ploy to circumvent the previously established rules is to change them and/or replace the referee. So:

  • Instead of recording deaths due to Covid they can now be classed as deaths with Covid, with all kinds of deaths from other primary causes chalked up to the virus;
  • If cases (in the clinical sense) had always been referred to as those people with symptoms (patients) they can now change the definition to include anyone ‘testing positive’. The rules have very significantly and conveniently been altered; 
  • Emergency Covid legislation can be brought in to change the law (the referee) and, when these powers are enforced, the rules may not be equal for all teams. One rule for some and another rule for others?

Let’s not beat about the bush – all this is cheating!

Friday [3]

I still call Australia "prison" edition

The histories I have/had some form of qualification to teach are British, Australian, US, European and a very old major in US/USSR Relations [positively decrepit].  History was not my specialisation - English Language was, then English Literature [which I've taught at university level fourth course], in later years IELTS [British council]. Overseas, I was always attached to English faculties, usually teacher training.  Here I was, at Prep School level, also gamesmaster or overseas - sportsmaster - at various schools.  Always independent schools.  I've tutored O level/CSE Mathematics but that's been privately.

With that in mind, it's with interest that I watched,  at times with a wry smile, this American girl's take on Australian history, sent by haiku from South Africa, love it:

Potted history from me - yes, convicts needed guards - that class has always been present in Oz history and brutal they were too, esp. on the goldfields, hence the Eureka reaction.  There were also free settlers who came out on spec to NSW, then much later in history, the small communities of Germans etc. expanded and then came the postwar influx.

The issue we need to address is why Australians on the whole are so naive and thick - nice enough but as thick as pigs***.  Though Barry Humphries overdid that in Barry McKenzie, he wasn't complete off beam - Australians think the good life first, the great outdoors, sport, some succumb and become the 'intelligentsia', almost all with a leftwing 'Bulletin' and Melbourne Age bent, these infest universities, there's always been the suburban boy v dirty red commies underlying tension - Evatt was a dirty rotten commie in many eyes in the 50s.

The influence of foreigners from Europe, inc. Malta, and esp. Italy and Greece, has also had a major effect - the latter offering their mafia and helplessness culture, plus great souvlaki.

Australians have an exaggerated version of the English 'steady on, chaps, that's a bit harsh' when looking at unsmiling people like us dissidents.  Dissidents downunder were seen by many as dirty rotten commies in beards and Jesus sandals who disrupted South African rugby matches in Melbourne.

Other than that, they can't claim national exclusivity to the tendency to gutlessly moan, succumb, weakly smile and say 'mustn't grumble'.  They're vitally interested in the rest of the world but only what is handed down to them by the MSM and leftwing books and youtubes.  They really are, like the British public, quite childlike in their simple trust of the authorities and the 'independent' MSM.

Therefore, they're prime cut meat for experimentation, as are the British.  It's sad but I know some of the folk down there, I can feel the downunderness in their communications, whereas Adam, being expat, is a much harder character in the South African tradition.  So was Chuckles but haiku is far more urbane about it all.  Amfortas is more in that soft tradition, same age range as haiku.


Good readers, I'm running right behind here, it will take me most of today to catch up, I have ten missals from the boys and gals to post but that will be late morn onwards, some domestic issues first.

Friday [1 and 2]

Morning all, #tgif.

2.  Phantom Digger

The enemy class have been plotting against us again. Macron taking a leaf out of Biden's "How to Win Elections" guidebook: 

1.  Steve

a.  Maricopa County:

Former Arizona Senate Audit Spokesman Ken Bennett Tells John Fredericks What to Expect at Friday’s Senate Forensic Audit Hearing (VIDEO):

b.  Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates Claims Leaked Chucri Tapes are “Elections Misinformation” that “Spreads Like Wildfire”:

c.  More Leaked Audio: Steve Chucri Rips Clint Hickman – “He is a Liar.. Clint Is Too Defensive Of Dominion” (AUDIO):

d.  Sidney Powell:

Sidney Powell Announces Her Legal Team Will Depose Dominion’s Eric Coomer for Questioning Later Today:

e.  Braincell update:

Giuliani Outs Hunter Biden for Child Porn on Laptop:

f.  The Donald:

Biden Regime to Release Info on Trump and Jan. 6 to Congress – Trump to Cite “Executive Privilege”.

g.  One for the team..

‘Satan’s Power Was Defeated Tonight’: Tennessee Football Team Defies School Board, Holds Prayer:

Ethnicity, language, religion or morals?

Until this moment, whether in my long book or in discussions with others, I've wanted to protect my close people over in Russia from reprisals over association with me, just as I wish the same for our contributors and readers here.  Since the mid 2000s, we have not been in a safe space - in Britain, I can pinpoint the year as 2007 and in our town in Russia, about 2005/6.

One of the reasons I mentioned, in the first of these three essays, [the one about not returning, not staying], was obviously financial straits due to certain shenanigans which went on at bank level but there's another I've vaguely hinted at but have, until now not gone into ... and that is a political and ethnic question.

A foreigner is best advised to stay right out of politics and religion, esp. certain religions and my difficulty in opening up about it is that some of those still close to me over there are sitting ducks if hobnobbing with an infidel were known.  But that's just one part of it.

Below is an excerpt from a Harvard University article on the situation I found myself in.  This is the analogy he used, note the language:
The Spanish cases of Catalonia and Euskadi (the Basque Country) are particularly relevant. Spain, like the Soviet Union, was for several decades a repressive state that sought to replace regional languages with the nation- al language. To this end, Castilian Spanish was the only language allowed in the classroom and in government during the Franco period. Also, like in the Soviet Union, wealthy minority regions attracted large numbers of im- migrants, most of whom belonged to the majority linguistic group. In both cases, immigration largely stopped at the beginning of the democratization period. Finally, as in Russia, the end of the dictatorship allowed regional cultural and political leaders to enact linguistic revival programs beginning in the late 1970s, which were particularly far-reaching in Catalonia and Euskadi.

 What I'm obliquely hinting at is that I was caught in two vices simultaneously, hence the reference to being on a precipice for years now.  The first I was caught up in was the rebranding of a group of tertiary institutions, within which I had been, now along ethnic lines, whereas earlier, it was known solely as a teacher training place.  Suddenly it was an ethnic minority place meant to be the new vanguard in the equality and diversity drive.  But it was not the local ethnic group I fell foul of, it was the Russians in Moscow. You see, though my ladyfriend was Russian, my mate is Russian speaking, my second language is Russian, which was sufficient reason to brand me that way, I'd also been working for the ethnic minority minister - it gets complicated.  There's also an ethnic minority lady I was stepping out with till the end, who has a certain position in a few institutions.

Then there were the Gordon Brown stupidities over Vladivostok, which was quite stoopid on the part of the British to try on the Russians.  Finally, there's a religious component.  There was one female bigwig at our institution who took me aside and started grilling me on whether I was a "humanitarian".  Very strange question I thought.  She was the henchwoman for this new order, yet she was not ethnic minority, which quite confused me.  It's only tonight I've finally seen what it was all about.

The Russian word for humanitarian means someone who works for the benefit of humans, something I hope we do at N.O., but it seemed to me that they were using the word to mean "humanist", I did ask for clarification, and "humanist" I of course reject if it means anti-God.  

However, after looking at this Harvard article, it seems the institution did mean humanities after all, in which I am qualified, because thereafter, it was called the name of the ethnic minority, which I am clearly not, though connected to two ladies who were natives, plus the only other thing I could be was a humanities teacher in their restructuring.  This is going to take me days now to sort out, not that it's relevant anymore.  One can never go back, once retired.

The reason I do not think it was ethnic minority against me, though I could understand it being so, is that the e.m. lady stayed with me thereafter and no one seemed to mind.  Very strange stuff indeed.  The other thing was that the institution itself was highly peeved when I did not return to Russia to take my groups. Frankly, I'm nonplussed.  Though my morals were supposedly fine except when with my ladyfriend, when they obviously dipped, I always harboured vague ideas that the female connection may have had something to do with it.

Now I'm thinking, seriously, that it could well have been Gordon Brown and the Br Cl after all. Sheesh!

The wild west comes to Russia

If that last post was as frenetic as a Jason Bourne shaky-cam movie, it all came to a screeching halt due to a number of factors.

As some people are aware, I was one of many consultants to the Minister of Trade and I was asking him about prices.  He mentioned special economic zones where trade regs were waived for investors in the republic and tax breaks were the order of the day - mid 2000s - which was fine for foreign investment but what about the ordinary person?  

Yes, there was the glitz in the centre of town already mentioned, a new Ikea out of town, people wanted foreign white goods, there were new stadia going up which would become white elephants, new bridges, everything new, new, buy buy ... but the roads were potholed.  A foreign firm offered to fix them for a price, a reasonable price, guaranteed 20 years, but the city fathers wanted cut price of course, so they refused the offer and opted for the kickbacks to local firms and the result was the same old same old.

At the same time, people who had had nothing - their eyes were now big, they wanted a western life, many got out and disgraced themselves internationally, e.g. in Cyprus, my mate and I started going to Ikea, part of a new mega-complex and as we sat at a table eating Russian fayre, I noticed a u-shaped table arrangement and queues lining up, not for furniture, as my mate said, but for credit - subprime credit.

Oh no, I said, they're giving Russians credit?  After scratching for a basic living?  Yep, they were and guess what people were buying, apart from flat packs?  Yep - they were buying cars.  On those roads I mentioned.  Mayhem, an accident every time I went to work in town from my dormitory suburb.  Maxim Gorky: "Kuda, Rossiya?"  Where to, Russia?  She does not answer, just charges on ahead down the road.  In the last post, I mentioned the glitz of central town in the evening.  Everyone going here, there, everywhere, buying, buying.  Narcotics in nightclubs now.  Nasty.  Used to be just booze and ciggies.

I sold my car, bought a MacBookPro, started taking hire cars.  Here's how you did it - you stepped onto the road itself, hand out, someone stopped, you'd arrange the price, that was that. Cheaper for me in the long run, as long as I did not wish to travel outside of town, which I no longer wanted to.  But the traffic jams were now savage, so I went back to the old abandoned tramvai - remember that post the other day?  It didn't go down at all well with the female of the species but that was no longer my concern.

One day, some drunk in Moscow decided that all alcohol would be banned from shops - foreign alcohol that was.  Trouble was, it was the currency at ministerial and high mafia level, and so the  Moscow blip was reversed.  No one wanted a return to Yeltsin's late 90s crash but at least the dollar was pegged at 23 roubles for a long time.  

Other things were happening, as in the west - men were unemployed and the jobs were for women, which of course meant divorces, breakdown, only cranked up far more than in the west. Kids became obese, stomachs hung over belts, whereas no girl would have been seen dead like that in former years.  My older students bemoaned their younger sisses of 15, boys were feckless.  They'd always been a tad cavalier.

Back to the Minister - I asked about prices.  Yes, they were expecting western parity by the end of the decade.  I wasn't there to see it.  Western firms demanded it - Procter and Gamble, Microsoft.  At their bequest, the govt, Russia wide, cracked down on unlicensed computer software.  The roaring frontier economy was choking.  Gas prices [petrol] were skyrocketing, making my daily journeys now not cheap.

All the stall holders at mini-marts on roadsides were rounded up, cleared away, unless they were prepared to pay the exorbitant stall rentals at the central shopping barns miles away now.  Not many took that up. And Gordon Brown was provoking Moscow - every time he did it, Moscow retaliated on us expats.  We were resented, the Min was warned not to involve himself with foreigners, esp. British.  That was not the reaction of the ordinary person.  Not yet.

The writing was pretty well on the wall.  The boom days were over.  It had been a wild ride.  I came back to Britain, straight into an economic crash.  I was used to them by now.