Monday, April 12, 2021

Arrange these

Put the sections of the EM spectrum in order from highest to lowest energy, either left to right or in number order, one being highest

  • infrared radiation
  • radio waves
  • X-rays
  • gamma rays
  • visible light
  • ultraviolet radiation

What’s on all of our minds right now


Still Monday

11.  Complicity theorist

10.  Distant Relative 

A commenter on Gab using the moniker ShortbutSweet wrote: 

"Pathogenic priming- this gene “therapy” masquerading as a vaccine, causes the immune system to over react to corona like viruses. Probably going to have an avalanche effect this cold and flu season. So hospitals will be legitimately over-run with sick and dying (everyone who took the jab). Bet the “heroes” won’t have time to make tic tok videos then."

9.  Haiku sends this most vital guide to the next few days

... as you start interacting again with people out there:

8.  Rossa's mother goes further into it

Ex-Pfizer Vice-President: COVID-19 Vaccines to Cause “Mass Depopulation” Event Within 2 years

7.  Magic Bus


Monday too

6.  The Slog and other excellent pundits

Please do not get me wrong here - in depth analysis from a non-Woke standpoint is like hens' teeth today, so no issue there.  I would certainly hope you're checking out diverse sources - the whole point of blogging is that you're still free to do the rounds.

The issue is this - how can I put this without offending?  Every one of us comes to this post now from different backgrounds, different education, different reading lists. Those whose reading has been primarily within their own sphere will be coloured by that sphere. 

My stepfather had been in the war, in different theatres, he'd known privations, his reality came from that and from the MSM. Along comes the young, higher-educated, flowery-spoken type of stepson and that yoof is steeped in alternative sources.  You can imagine the reaction - guttural laugh, followed by: "Right, fine, anything you say, now can we get onto something else?"

So many pundits like John Ward or the Z Man and others are great thinkers, they certainly come up with ingenious insights - problem is that the insights are missing key input which skew the whole thing.  If you create scenarios based on not accepting core elements, e.g. about the Papacy, about organised religion, about satanic abuse - if you refuse to even look at it because 1. it's distasteful and 2. you'd be laughed at scornfully, then I suggest you're not doing your job.

You might not like what we come up with here, you might see me as not very nice and also a bit of a loony - fine, fine. But if you just ignore something because you don't like it, then you'll miss much of what is going down.  

And we're not immune either on this side - there is such a thing as being too wedded to the Donald, we also suffer from bias confirmation.  Which does not negate any of the other things we've ferreted out.  

I mean - I went to Philosophy 101 too, back in the day with my Peterson briar, and learnt all about the logical syllogism, about Kant and Hegel, about Mr. Platonic and Aristo-bottle. After some time, something became apparent.

In every case, they were opening with an a priori 'tying of both hands behind their backs' and wasting the day making sense of things which make no sense outside a combined physical and metaphysical setting.  Waste of time.

And the orthodoxy!  Oh the orthodoxy in universities is jawdropping which, to a natural rebel loyalist, a natural dissident loyal to the nation, has the steam coming from the nostrils and remarks on the lips just busting to be made.

As for God, Queen and country chaps and chapesses, salt of the earth - when that becomes just Queen and country, then it's become a very sticky wicket indeed. When you deny the possibility of evil as an entity, then you're missing the whole plot of these sad muvvers.

5.  Some of this makes sense

Two things - first the url:

One thing about LDS which worries me a bit is how they've gone back to MSM sources and govt, instead of cutting edge. Watching that.  This though from the govt is maybe the first thing they've said which makes sense in the whole scam?

I for one would certainly do that - forget Covid, this is about all sorts of bugs and sniffles.  Washing your hands after the loo also makes sense, avoiding lips and eyes with hands also makes sense - but always has.

And in this warm, Vitamin D weather - well it just stands to reason, doesn't it?


4.  More as we get to it

... having brekky just now.

3.  Distant Relative

2.  Steve

My only comment is on Sloggy but that will be in the third post.  

1.  Eggs all alone

Now I know what y'all busting to attack me on - yep, why no butter on the toast?  Why no bangers?

Well firstly, there is butter, it's on the second piece of toast to have with the coffee.  And bangers?  Weeelll, I just ran out, dinn I, and have to go shopping.  There's cheese in the egg and creme fraiche in the mash.  Plus the tomato can be loaded onto the toast.

Now to the real reason.  Was woken from afar by an absolute honey, stumbled around, went to pour myself water, cargo shorts fell down to my ankles. Now either they've expanded in the heat or else ... dot dot dot.

Vanity therefore dictated that I have only half the butter today, steam food and not fry it.

Your exciting culinary adventures at the mo?