Thursday, March 30, 2023

Thursday thriller

If the world today is fixated on women and girls, with men filling the bit roles along the way, this film is about the fourth completely forgotten demographic in 2023 ... a boy ... and not only a boy but a 1950s boy. Did the 1950s actually have boys?  I ask for a friend.

This thriller was the first film directed by Clive Donner and it is a very good start to his long career. A jewel robbery in Hatton Garden in London is planned and a policeman's uniform is required for the heist. The girlfriend of one of the gang persuades a teenage boy, Freddie, who is infatuated with her, to borrow his own father's uniform. 

The robbery takes place but soon things start to unravel. The secret place of the title is an actual hiding place but it could refer to Freddie's heart and the turmoil that occurs in it. Freddie is played really well by Michael Brooke, who captures the intensity and confusion of a teenager who doesn't quite understand the world but he is also caring and eventually quite heroic. 

The other main members of the cast are excellent too; Belinda Lee, Ronald Lewis, Michael Gwynn and George A. Cooper. A young David McCallum also appears in an unheroic part. There are also several child actors in brief moments who are just so right that one suspects they were just local kids recruited for the film.

Most of it is shot on location in London, still showing signs of the war with bombed out buildings and empty spaces. As a Londoner it is interesting to see familiar places filmed 60 years ago. 

There is no background music where you might expect some, such as the tense robbery scene and the chase at the end but both sequences work really well. The photography of the chase at the end around a half built building is very noir, great use of light and shadow.

An engrossing film, and as in the film, a gem to be re-discovered.

Afternoon teatime

Thursday [13 and 14]

Afternoon all.

14.  More of these

13. The insanity in Canada

Thursday [12]

Digital currency or anything else for that matter

Trust no pollie, inc. Tice and Hamilton, no admins, nor the NHS, utilities coys, no one contacting you officially, no banksters, make no moves, click nothing you’re urged to online, give no money, except personally. Auto-oppose, you can always change your mind later.

Watch carefully all those urging this digital money control, keep a list of those names, any time they urge this, put out the list.

Thursday [10 and 11]

Usually we’d have had a break by now, something a bit lighter and we shall have … soon.  But there’s still this to do:

11. Toodles

a.  Mothers and trannies:

b.  Meat:

Oh yummmy!

10.  Ripper

Escaping the system would be really difficult for anyone like us, it would take a whole community to act independently. I'm looking to be capable of surviving as much off-grid as possible if the crap hits the fan that hard, hence the wood stove/home made press and plans for the diesel generator. The trigger would have to be pulled on that just before it all went down. A very costly, very big generator that would feed the whole house and run on alternative fuels if diesel wasn't available.

So, I have warmth, shelter and water. Food would be the sticking point since few people in the area grow anything, Still, I imagine that we'd have civil war before national starvation. 

Thursday [8 and 9]

(0957) My goodness it’s been busy.  I started “work” at 0630 and it’s not stopped, still one more job, no two, after this post.  Not complaining in the least, just saying there’s much going on … obviously for you too. (1014) Off for some brek and a few domestic chores, back after that.

9.  Some of these today

8.  Not moaning either about being flooded with ads

… over at NOWP. I certainly didn’t plan it this way but the algorithm takes into account my viewing from all sources and thus I’m flooded, at NOWP, by wimmin, landscapes, machines, travel … and as I say, I’m not complaining in the least:

Kassie Troy fired a broadside at Mark Steyn for his susceptibility to wimmin. I say, “And what? Maybe God should not have made them works of art inside and out.”