Friday, March 01, 2024

Friday [20]

Just the one roundup for now

Ladies at lunchtime

Nos. 1 and 3 you might be able to name.

Friday [19]

(1111) More domestic issues, back soon. (1242) An hour and a half later, in the middle of the weekend cooking.  Back very soon. Maybe time for the ladies at lunchtime. (1400)

19.  MftWC three

a.  Military situation on Ukrainian frontlines on February 29, 2024 (Map Update)

b.  McConnell resigns. Russia direct threat to France. Transnistria protection. Meloni wanted to meet MJ - Alex Christoforou

c.  Russian army destroys another defense line near Avdeevka, storms three settlements (Map, Photos)

d.  Ukraine Defences Disintegrate, Rapid Russian Advance, 3 Key Villages Fall, Syrsky Blames Commanders; ATACMS - Alex Mercouris

e.  Ex-Russian president Medvedev on the West: Behold a Pale Horse

f.  Russia's strategic nuclear forces are in full readiness - Putin - Levan Gudadze

g.  Ukrainian defense on Avdeevka front destroyed: Russian army took control of Berdychi, Orlovka, Tonenkoe

h.  [The] Ukraine is destroyed, Texas Border is next target! - Stephen Gardner | Col. Doug Macgregor

i.  Western warmongers revealed their lie: Military of NATO countries fighting in [The] Ukraine

Friday [15 to 18]

(0900)(0959) Evets is up soon, all being well. (1107)

18.  Housekeeping

A couple of health issues have kicked in this morning, inc. dental, no details, not terminal, repairable … still, it’s going to affect blogging this weekend … a bit. Those of the praying kind, as I’m wont to say … and onside … we can mutually exchange supplications.

17.  Just three more for now

16.  The three letter sites

15.  Gab

Paul commented on the Vox item Thurs 23:

As far as I understand. Gab is not allowing free accounts to upload images any longer. These are the free followers or as some say free loaders who are complaining. Vox blogged about this and says he does not care if we read his blog or not but I think this is about Gab providing a free service which it has no funds to do.

At that point, early this morning, I replied:

I uploaded two images with my blurb minutes ago. I think it’s on external meme makers … Gab is pushing its own, called Gabby. Not banning but charging for external memes. More in a post later.

This is the post later:

So … since this morning, that notification has come.  My first thought is “get knotted, Torba”.  

In actual fact, I was sick to death of the poor quality memes which meant mucho scrollingo to even find some little Gabber even saying something.

So … in this respect, perhaps Vox was not so out of order as I thought in his view.  Not about readers … he would be totally out of order on readers … but on “memists” who churn them out by the dozens, each repeated seven or eight times.

Which has made Gab almost unreadable.

So … I’m not going to instantly delete Andrew’s notice, as I do think he needs to keep the platform open.  

So … I’m going to explore and see if I could make a reasonable contribution per annum.


Non-stick cooking surfaces

Right from the get-go … observations … the name is western but she’s clearly Chinese or some other Asian, she puts PhD, prattily, after her name …plus it’s recommended by youtube … be warned, dear reader.

However, having said that, I did watch some … then more … then more … there’s no issue her being Chinese by the way … but why does she pass herself off as someone else?  No matter, here tis:

St David’s Day [11 to 14]

(0657) Morning all again, light this time. (0748)

14.  While it’s very important to commemorate UGA’s Laken Riley

… and push for deportations, please also spare a thought for 87 year old Bernard Fowler in England:

The 22 year old black, name now known, is up for trial so this tweet and post can’t yet name him. Here is Bernard:

It would be nice if North Americans and antipodaeans, as well as the British, can commemorate Mr. Fowler as well as Laken … by all reports, he was a lovely old man who was going for his morning paper when the crazed black youth leapt out and started bashing with a hammer.

13.  Laken Riley, Georgia, deporting illegals

12.  Andy summary at NOWP

a.  Starve a lizard! (As they say in Oz). There's a nationwide shortage of carbon dioxide according to this article. Phew! That had me worried a bit there Bruce. The article goes on to say;

"Supplies of beer, however, are understood to be unaffected by the shortage."

First they came for the lemonade, I did nothing because I drink beer. Then they came for the cola, again I did nothing because I drink beer. Now even bladdy Foster's can't be found.

b.  Headline from the BBBC no link to spare you the temptation to click.

"Animal welfare group PETA to buy King's racing pigeons"

So, they release them into the wild but they keep coming back. Oh, what to do? I know says this wag, have some pigeon pie.

11.  DAD summary at NOWP

a) Each of President Macron’s words on refusing to rule out the possibility of deploying NATO troops to Ukraine against Russia is weighed, measured, and thought through, the French leader insists as he weathers significant backlash from his comments on Monday. Macron insisted on Thursday that given the seriousness of the matter at hand, he had said what he meant and there was no space for ambiguity.

[I hope that he is the first to volunteer.]

b) Emmanuel Macron went to Saint-Denis (Île-de-France), Thursday February 29, to inaugurate the Olympic village and greet the construction workers. 14,500 athletes from all over the world will be welcomed there in five months for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, from July 26 to September 8.

One hopes that they do not become similar to the 1968 Olympic Village at Grenoble - a sordid, abandoned, run-down squat for illegal immigrants.

c) A recent survey conducted by the CSA Institute for CNEWS, Europe 1, and the 'Journal du Dimanche', reveals that a significant majority of French citizens support the creation of more prison spaces.

Specifically, 83% of respondents expressed their approval for this measure, while only 17% opposed it. This sentiment remains consistent with a similar survey conducted in March 2022.

d) Ford temporarily stops shipping 2024 F-150 Lightning - no buyers.   [3½ minute video]

e) Across the West, there is a simultaneous sense that life is both more permissively lax and more tightly controlled than it has been in living memory. Not even the British Isles, the proud home of Fortescue and Burke, have managed to avoid this strangest of falls from ordered freedom to anarcho-tyranny.

Coined by the late Sam Francis, a celebrated figure on the dissident Right, ‘anarcho-tyranny’ describes a perverse state of affairs whereby the most basic laws are freely broken by anti-social delinquents while well-behaved citizens, usually in the name of protecting the regime’s accredited victim groups, are forcibly wrapped in an ever-expanding web of dictates, constraints, and speech codes.

f) Following EVs: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles: Unsalable!

“I’ve been around automotive for a long time, but I’ve NEVER seen incentives that represent 90% of new vehicle price. For a Toyota, 10% is the most I’ve seen [for an ICE]. Yet, this is exactly what’s happening for the Toyota Mirai.” (James Carter.)

ICEs rule!