Thursday, July 02, 2020

ONO will now take a well earned break

This post has been rewritten at 2 a.m., to say that all operations are now transferred to:

This site has done a sterling job in many ways and I've affection for this, my first site, but it is far too user-unfriendly thanks to Blogger's bizarre comments policy.  WPdotcom, though having its own issues, is at least able to be used and at the moment, it operates better than the main N.O. if it can be believed.

Thank you, readers, for your patience with ONO, she's not going anywhere, shall still be here, but I'll not be operating from here on a regular basis, as of now.

Just how obvious is this?

Thursday, June 25, 2020


Thursday too, with items 9 onwards, is now here:

8.  From Rossa's mother

It's an article from a Bank of Oklahoma attendee:

1. BOK Center holds at least 19,000. The area outside the convention center set up by the Secret Service and Tulsa PD had a U-shaped squeeze shoot to funnel the crowd down to an area about. 50 feet wide and 600 feet long with an outdoor stage adjacent to the BOK entrance.Trump was supposed to be able to speak to the overflow group from this stage.

2. Entry to the “Secure Area” NOT the BOK center was about 5 blocks away where you had to pass “screeners” who took your temperature, made you put on a face mask and gave you a green band to proceed to Secret Service Security.

3. If the temperature screeners left their post- the entire entry to the BOK Trump rally was shut down.

4. And that is EXACTLY what happened today about an hour after we got through security.

It's only words

Via haiku

Merriam-Webster, the venerable dictionary publisher, announced two weeks ago that it would update its definition of the word "racism" in response to a request by a 22-year-old woman from Missouri.

But company officials hastened to say that they would do so in line with their long-standing commitment to political neutrality and to the "real-world usage of a word," rather than trying to "promote any particular viewpoint". In other words, there would be no slant, no bias, no subtle editorialising in the revised definition.

That's what Merriam-Webster is trying for with all the words in its dictionary. But it's not always easy. Going back centuries, there have been disputes about bias in dictionary definitions. And in today's politicised world - where the recent trending words in Merriam-Webster online searches have included "fascism," "antifa," "loot," "defund," "no quarter," "white supremacist," "curfew" and "anarchy" - how could the company not feel battered, like the rest of us, by the bitter differences of opinion that divide the country?

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Test run at NO

23:17:  Comments are on over there for one hour only, folks.  Let's see what happens.

23:56:  Slight error - turned comments on in general but not on the post itself.  Also, first time the link was posted since the troubles.

Steel yourself

These things have always fascinated me:

How they're made: