Monday, December 05, 2022

Monday [1 onwards]

Another week, chilly, more for item one than for the temperature.

4.  IYE

3.  Food for thought

'That anyone would ever seek to silence those who want to celebrate Christmas is beyond sinister in my eyes,' says Neil Oliver

Absolutely but better is that totalitarian thinking be expunged too, via mass non compliance, via opportunism in the face of lockstep uniform stormtrooping.  Know when to hold em, know when to fold em.  We are, severally, not eastern-think but western-think.  End of.

2.  DAD

1.  This is how they do it

Take firstly a western “biz-leadership” course:
An introduction to mindful Leadership 
Understanding current challenges 
How to start practising mindfulness and self-awareness 
Leveraging the power of mindful leadership 
Barriers to mindful leadership 
Tools for a mindful practise – including mindfulness, introspection and many others 
Building rapport and presence as a leader 
Leading and Influencing Others mindfully 
The role of Positive Psychology in relation to mindful leadership
… and continue reading about how the “leader” is a converted Buddhist and certain things soon become apparent.  One is that whoever runs such courses in whatever country, the language, the  nomenclature, the biz-think is the same … non-western, nothing about freethinking, initiative, not the slightest reference to the roots of that nation, its culture, just compliance with a world definition of each term … cogs in the global biz organisation.  Nothing corner shop nor recognising individual ability nor incorporating eccentricity, which gives it its character.

I coached a rugby team with a couple of true free spirits. They had their head once the ball went to them.  Find any gap, use any trick was the rule, at the breakdown though, let the fwds do their thang.  The fwds were constantly asked … if you do see a golden opportunity, take it, if it does come unstuck, if you’ve broken ranks, no matter, I’ll not castigate you.  But do learn which to take, which not.  Think at all times!  Most times thinking means acting in unison, fwds in particular.  When weary, your discipline is the better policy. But always with that opportunism ready to seize a chance.

Secondly look at a news item today at TDS:

“It’s Game Over”: How China Used its Technotyranny to Crush Dissent

Now come back to the name of the “leadership” course first mentioned above: “Leader in the age of disruptions.”  Dissent and protest is a “disruption” to the evenly global compliance … how to eliminate it is the prime directive.  Take on this minor suggestion or that but keep that individual tabbed.  To comply with Onethink is to win.

The western notion of the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker does not work on compliance modelling but rather there was a niche, the need for bread, those producing that sprang up, the people became used to going to the outlet for bread, overgenerations, but in the early days, were it a bad loaf, the villagers dragged that baker out, so he began baking thirteen loaves. They formed a guild, all trades formed guilds.  You know your western history.

There was always an interactive element in daily life but also pressure from above to comply … God, King and country.  The state used (the Christian) God as a compliance ensurer.  That was what yesterday’s quote was about and it was right on the money.  Organised “religion”, organised by humans, for human compliance, I have fought for a very long time.  And as we know, anything can become a religion, even Big Science, with the Royal Society as the original Council of Druids.

A real Christian makes a conscious choice, he’s still loyal to country, giving to Caesar what is Caesar’s but his heart is to an eternal continuance, his rulebook is Matt 5 to 7.  He’s always a prime target because the State can never become his God.  No human is ever his God. And the State won’t brook that.  The practical problem is that the enemies of humanity are singleminded and conscienceless about it … barbarian minds, Orclike. Brrrrr!

He’ll go off to war if his way of life is threatened but more often it needs alliances, as in WW2.

Sunday, December 04, 2022

Sunday [16 till close of play]

Evening all. Time period just now thinking of my mother.

19.  Top Secret

Crazy drummers:

18.  More of the same

17.  This next is at odds with a much better mood

… than that earlier, yet it still needs posting:

16.  Steve

War Room - Episodes 2347 and 2348 - entirely devoted to the 'Laptop from Hell'.



PD’s Sunday matinee

This is possibly MARGARET RUTHERFORD's most satisfactory excursion into Agtha Christie-land and she's helped by a delightful Ron Goodwin score that emphasizes her character with an infectious main theme and the gorgeous B&W photography, full of sinister shadows and proper atmospheric effects.

Furthermore, Miss Rutherford is surrounded by some formidable British talent, such as Stringer Davis (his Mr. Stringer is always a delight), Robert Morley (blustery but fun), and most notably, FLORA ROBSON, remarkable as the timid companion of an elderly woman.

I've seen most of these Miss Marple mysteries from the 1960s, and this has got to be one of the best. It moves at a swift gallop (unlike some of the more tedious, slow-paced BBC versions), and the accent is on the humorous characterization that Rutherford is capable of. Purists may not think it serves Agatha Christie well, but taken on its own as a piece of comedy/mystery entertainment, it stands up well in that genre.

Highly recommended.

Sunday [12 to 15]

(1137)  Ultra-slow start.  At least made a start as you see, then crashed. Awoke just now and looked again at Microdave’s strange message to me.  The first and second I presume are Wimmin for tomorrow, of which I’ll post the first, someone stargate, the fourth was some vile male (there being in the world many fine males but this was not one) … the third was curious and so it shall be n12 here. The first and second were really hard-faced, awful females, quite alien to the type at N.O., one is called Kelly Reilly apparently … awful like the first, totally full of herself, rings no bell.  The Gina person at least looked partially reasonable, some femininity.

15.  Ian J

(JH) Thought this was going to be the same old same old again and it started out that way, but then it suddenly redeemed itself, hallelujah:
Why am I, a priest, saying this? Primarily because it is true. But also because I have no interest in religion at all, my only interest is faith. Faith comes from spiritual experience, either you have it, or else you don’t. But it is quite different from State-invented ‘religion’, which is used to manipulate the masses.
Precisely.  Absolutely. Faith and a knowledge of scripture, of which I have the former, is the be all and end all of Christianity, setting it quite separately from any other conflated faith (conflated only by those with none or working for the globo side).

And this is precisely why I’m dead against pointy-hattism, synods, against any fanaticism, ritual, any hierarchy in a Church … it all comes from human powermongering.  That’s completely different to knowledgeable people who do have the overview … there are a few saintly folk about.

(Ian has another one up, shall now look for it.  By the way, PD’s film coming up in a few mins, no jazz ready as yet.)

Here tis (Ian):

Another interesting read, this time from ZH on Ukraine. The last time I watched TV, fake 'charities' were pressing for us to 'give' to Ukraine. With our (and their) corrupt govts - Not a chance! Let the 'elites' give up their insane ambitions first! I have sympathy for ordinary Ukies, just not the ones who shelled the Donbass for years.

14.  New drop over here

… about “a truly smug, vacuous, self-entitled little twerp … someone’s daughter”.

13.  Massive rewrite for an hour now

… of the post at OoL, updating for today and tightening up the writing:

On n12 below, Ian adds:

12.  Gina Coladeangelo

I’d not the slightest idea what this was about, not having TV, radio nor MSM of any kind, except a quick glance at headlines every few days.  Nor, I suspect, could anyone else except a Brit MSM-slave.

So I looked up about this Gina someone, presumably Italian, and the name Hancock came up, which I suppose refers to that mass murdering clown who went downunder for some game. Also presumably, correct me if I’m wrong, but he seems to be cheating on his wife with this female.  At least it’s female I suppose, small mercies.

Other than that, I could not guess.

Second Sunday of Advent [6 to 11]

Morning all.

11.  They're at it again

Gaza militants fire rocket into Israel amid West Bank unrest

The rocket attack came as a surge in bloodshed in the occupied West Bank sparked international criticism of the Israeli army for its use of lethal force against Palestinian civilians.

10.  Various

The interesting one to me there is Mayra Flores, one of those who was cheated out of her election.  Already elected, she had it stolen by the demonrats.

9.  PD droppeth

In the title:

Interesting disclaimer by Sundance:

[DISCLAIMER: CTH has a heightened awareness on this issue because I received a congressional subpoena based entirely on a Tweet that was discovered to have been attributed to an account set up by a Twitter employee to create CTH as a target. What we discovered was that Twitter employees have the ability to manipulate the platform to create real world outcomes. A variation on “swatting” by Twitter. As a result, knowing that FBI and DHS officials target user accounts based on content, and knowing that Twitter employees have the ability to create content with false attribution to targeted user accounts, it’s worth an even larger pause when considering the relationship. /SD]

"🧵I. Updates about fighting against child sexual exploitation content on Twitter. "

8.  Again from the West

Newsbits On Ukraine - Swamp Trenches, Short Training, Out of Ammo

December 3: Russia has done a good job

Panic Sets in with AFU. Russian Continues Advancing

No reverse gear, EU $60 oil price cap. Eurasia gas union. Asset seizure and auction $200M yacht. U/1

Hottest of topics...

Tucker Carlson Tonight 12/2/22

7.  DAD has dropped a drop

6.  The post one writes

... without having to compose anything.  Go to the article:

... then scroll down the comments thread to Moonsphere and Bob3 in reply, and that's my reply as well.

All right, I shall add something after all.  Unless Man overcomes the Demonic Reset in these years now, through a conjunction of circumstances, then it truly is lampshade time and the Second Coming.  But not as a human ... that's the AC. It's just a coming to collect, the others are left to fend for themselves, having made their choice.

The bottom line is that of choice.  We makes our choices, we do not whine about the consequences.