Monday, June 14, 2021

Monday [7 to 9]

9.  The Slog

"Science" for sale to the highest bidder:
Most observers have, however, at last spotted that the country is being run by two compromised science/health bureaucrats: Patrick Vallance (a Pharmafia capo) and Christopher, um, well, yes, ooh - 'ere missus - no, as Frankie Howerd might well have said. 
8.  Haiku

To talk about the particular crimes of the ANC in order to keep score has no utility whatsoever. The scale is so vast and so deep and so bereft of human compassion that it compares unfavourably with late Soviet Europe. The important details to eye are the structural habits of power and patronage.
7.  Distant Relative

a.  With all the cv and audits taking our attention (mostly) this went under the radar:

Now when will someone actually do something about it? That's the question.

b.  Dashed hypocrites. But we knew that already.... 

Monday [5 and 6]

6.  Clapton

This was lifted from Ripper's offerings and run as a tube:

Great Barrington Declaration

Please be careful about my criticism here of EC - there is a world of difference between being wilfully and maliciously inaccurate and inaccurate because you just don't know.  As EC says - he does not know and had no choice but to follow what he could see was the way to go at the time last year, finding out the hard way about this vaxx poison.

Even the word poison now underplays what the experimental jab does to a human's immune system.  My beef with EC is that in making the statement that he is "neutral", standing between two groups of extremists - the vaxx-mongers and the anti-vaxxers - that he was somehow the "voice of reason between two extreme camps ... is a misrepresentation.

Home is where a man's prepared to die

Adrian Haart has a post up which brought a tear to the eye:

As many have noted, the most disgusting aspect of the coronavirus debacle here in the UK is that it is clearly being used to herd the general population into ideological pens. We are being treated like sheep. Herded towards a future defined by totalitarian loons.

That specific topic we're covering elsewhere ... this post is about what "home" feels increasingly like.  There was a time I could read the Guardian because it wasn't off the bloody planet, it was more like this:

SPARS document and the Sky Oz "manifesto"

Much work from Distant Relative here, still a couple more proofing run-throughs but it's probably ready to quote from now.


SPARS document:

On the SPARS document:

Our SPARS post:


Now to the Sky News Oz clip which may as well be our manifesto at N.O., so it needs preserving.  Many thanks to DR for that and for Steve's involvement on SPARS.

Monday [1 to 4]

4.  Let's repeat this via DR

The SPARS document is of importance and the link will appear in the sidebar, along with the transcript page link [yet to be collated].  Plan is to transfer to that page, listen through the Sky vid again and then link in the sidebar.

The SPARS doc pdf link to the scamdemic blueprint is filed here in all its glory:

3.  Steve

a.  Maricopa County:  Eric Greitens (Navy SEAL) at Arizona Audit: No Ballots = No Victory “I Think We’re Going to See a Freight Train of Audits Across the Country” (VIDEO)

b.  Wisconsin: Wisconsin Election Audit Actions to Date Are a Joke – Why Is Wisconsin Happy With 143,000 Votes Dropped for Biden the Day After the Election?

Once more unto the breach

Someone has to say it.  There's no way the 74 Pilot Kelsey is a racist or misogynist if you look at all his other videos, nor is he anti air traffic control as a matter of course - he's maybe too evenhanded.  Yet there've been a few incidents along the way of him running into a certain type - I reserve for myself the right to speak out on that type if lives are in danger, to hell with PCness.

And that type is always a woman, always of a certain type - you hear it instantly in her voice and manner.