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(1730) A bit wonky, healthwise. 2042: Higham’s unwell, in bed … heart, organism, need sleep.

18.  For IYE

17.  Johnson getting even more difficult to understand

Hmmmm, I suggest you read the Wiki entry on Miller-Meeks, of which this is part:

On May 19, 2021, Miller-Meeks was one of 35 Republicans who joined all Democrats in voting to approve legislation to establish the January 6, 2021 commission meant to investigate the storming of the U.S. Capitol.[23]

Also, the Demrat lost to her by six votes, she challenged, Pelosi seated Miller-Meeks and the Demrat challenge was withdrawn.

More on this Miller-Meeks thing

Those links on the constitutional question can be challenged by us as being Establishment, yes, but remember that the law of the land is interpreted by the left RINO, soft liberal and Demrat Crime Syndicate (DCS) as a given … so what those bodies say counts, if it supports DCS policy and can be ignored if it is awkward. 

This is Demrat-think … jawdropping arrogance beyond, demonic ego … things will go ahead as we plan, they assume, everything else is a pesky, temporary impediment to be got around. 

Failing all else, the threats to families of Cngrsmn etc. comes next, there are always Boston brakes and skiing accidents after that. Name of the game is power at all costs, not “Democracy”, a weasel word to project.

Donny himself does not or did not understand the path to power in Washington but the guy who wrote the Triangle post did (sidebar), Reince Preibus did, McCarthy did, Kelly did, Pence did.  Donny needed minders … he was the MIC man (see Ike) but he started getting ideas, believing his own MAGA rhetoric. Killery et al did not ustd just how rogue Donny was … he’d not shown these signs before that.

Actually, he had … but they were sure he was still in the bag.  He wasn’t. Like Lincoln and JFK, he saw his Destiny.

Miller-Meeks was allowed to be seated because she was a game player, quid pro quo. Her seat flipped, remember, which doesn’t make the voters MAGA in themselves. Clackers was not fussed … she (Miller-Meeks) is under control, binding agreements have been made. Rip those up and the fabric tears … meaning that people start being investigated … all the way up. 

Donny is still not a pollie but imagines himself one. Where is his game playing coming from? It used to be McCarthy’s hold on him, the visits, the phone line straight through. But Kev was vacated, so here’s Johnson (no way Jordan, could not be controlled).  But the DCS is now very nervous … they have to play the Hakeem Jeffreys card … by getting those two RINOs not to resign until it’s too late for the GOP to hold the House.

God bless America.

16.  Church lives matter

One can only hope.

15.  Deadly Derek dies

Try this

What are the 11th to 15th prime numbers, not using one or zero as primes?

Just checking ... the fifth is 11, agreed?

Monday [13 and 14]

(1558) Just briefly checking in before a quiz.

14.  IYE, you'll remember, asked

... Are we seeing what we think we’re seeing?

I do note Bill's and other comments and my reply is 🍿🍿🍿.

There's an agenda going on here, possibly a third world war, though I'm thinking it's not immediate. Let's keep watching and reporting.

13.  The three letter sites




Last of the 50s sci fi shockers for now … so bad, it’s good … after all, it has Barbara Wilson in it. The blurb reads: “Aliens release a furry critter in the wilds of Lapland where it takes a woman captive and threatens a group of scientists.” Uh huh.

A brief introduction to director Jerry Warren who is the worst in my opinion. Warren would buy foreign movies, cut out the dialogue scenes and then add newly directed scenes so that he could then sell the movie off as his own. These added scenes usually have nothing to do with the "original" movie scenes surrounding them but that can sometimes add to the charm. 

This film was originally a Swedish production called Terror in the Midnight Sun but Warren chopped it up, added a few scenes with John Carradine and had him serve as the narrator. A spaceship crashes in the mountains and out gets a huge, hairy creature who stalks some scientists. The look of the creature is certainly dumb enough to get a few laughs but this doesn't happen until the final ten minutes and what follows that is pretty hard to get though. Slow, boring, stupid and simply badly made. The added scenes are equally poor. 

However, it must be said that this is still a lot better than Warren's Attack of the Mayan Mummy and Frankenstein Island.

Ladies late for lunchtime

As you can see, I've replaced the four X tweeters with four ladies of the past ... was a bit uneasy running people I know in this slot, esp. as the pics are always their younger selves ... par for the course, yes, but maybe not suited to this blog. 

N1 is English; N2 here you might need help with ... from the 20s/30s, Canadian, initials RK;  N3 is English and the younger pic is to disguise her age; N4 I'm not saying.

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12.  There are some funny things written

... which keep us close to being sane ... for example "the glamour that is Gatwick North Terminal at 04:23". Earlier I saw someone describe the beauty of Euston station.

11.  IYE asked

... is it what we're told we're seeing? Uh huh ... what do we think of this one? 👇🏻

💥Anonymous Home Office official explains why no matter who is Home Secretary, Britain's borders will remain wide open: "Despite our change in boss, when it comes to controlling Britain’s borders nothing will change. I know this because I have worked for some time as a civil servant on immigration policy, and – in my experience – no priority is further from the Home Office in 2023 than stopping the boats or cutting net migration. For all her strident bearing, Suella was cringingly apologetic in speeches to Home Office staff. Instead of instilling much needed discipline, she would tell us what a great job we were doing, not that this got her any kind of loyalty. She was mocked and insulted by London-based staff furious at the refusal to extend safe routes to an ever growing number of countries. Home Office officials have a moral and legal duty to do everything in their power to deliver the Government’s priorities on immigration. Political impartiality is a central tenet of the civil service code, but this has morphed into a culture of “stewardship”, as our permanent secretary Matthew Rycroft openly admitted in 2021 (when he was recorded telling colleagues there is no need to “slavishly” follow government policy on diversity). What this means in practice is accepting the bien pensant view that immigration cannot and should not be controlled, overruling the instructions of ministers and thereby their democratic mandates, with many of my colleagues viewing their role as being part of the resistance to what they see as a radical Right-wing Government determined to ignore the rules to punish innocent migrants. This culture of defiance is so widespread that any suggestion of border controls is sneered at or ignored.

There is widespread understanding that our asylum rules are open to abuse. Any Border Force officer or civil servant who works on asylum policy will tell you this openly. Yet any suggestion that asylum rules be tightened or asylum seekers be refused is rejected out of hand as cold-hearted evil. If I were to walk into a meeting and suggest reducing migration or ask how we could immediately deport small boat arrivals or foreign criminals, my colleagues might think to ring the many mental health services we are provided to check in on my sanity. Even the most moderate attempts to do anything about migration are met internally as either unreasonable or not legally possible, with discussion being stopped dead by allusion to “international law”. Instead of dealing with the national crises facing Britain, including record legal and illegal migration, endless time is wasted. Senior staff hold events on Black History Month, Windrush and microaggressions. We are told to attend quarterly “away days” (held online usually, most of us are in the office just one day a week) where we are given prizes and are told by senior civil servants just how wrong any political or press criticism of our work is. In meetings nominally discussing policy, we are forced to listen to HR Directors give lectures on diversity and hand out awards about inclusivity. We are patronised and treated like children. The mood is of self-congratulation and there is a refusal to engage let alone learn from the criticism the department receives, unless of course it comes from the Left or from an incredibly expensive commission finding that we are institutionally racist. There is no self-reflection on the fact we have completely failed to fulfil our democratic duty to reduce migration.
When the Rwanda scheme seemed a millimetre closer to happening, staff message boards were filled with comments vowing they will not work on such an evil project. Senior staff always mollify these messages and tell staff not to resign. Everyone knows that the clock is running down on the current Government and nothing really needs to be done; policies cannot be enacted as they need governance, and the governance needs terms of reference and the terms of reference need to be redrafted and then circulated a few more times before we can hold the first meeting. Many relatively senior officials spend their time dealing with this work, toiling away at things that will never be read or used in an endless round of busywork. In spite of all this it wouldn’t matter if the Home Office was a finely oiled machine ready and eager to deliver on every possible government priority and determined to protect the UK’s borders. The clear messaging behind closed doors from the Treasury and other departments is that legal migration should be expanded to boost lacklustre economic growth. For my colleagues, I suspect James Cleverly’s ascension is merely an opportunity to run rings around an inexperienced minister in a new department. And for Britain, our borders will remain uncontrolled."
10.  Thoughts?

9.  IYE double at NOWP

8.  The issue of why Mike Johnson has failed America

... as did McCarthy, does come down to possible blackmail versus general corruption.

Johnson purports to be Christian in a big show of biblicanism and it's fairly obvious to all, inc. Tucker and MTG that he's been got at. They'd know. Or maybe he's just another antiPope, Welby, Pence type "Christian". Maybe you don't even get into Congress or Westminster unless and until they have something on you to leverage you. Matt Gaetz certainly has that, as does Andrea Jenkins ... and of course, quite publicly ... Lauren Boebert.

There is almost no one, imho, not compromised in some way, with zero skeletons in the closet ... I'd say that, as in Somerset-Maugham's short story Rain, and if you'd buy Rachel Wilson's contention about the same evil entity with the tails ... then should anyone at all dare speak out against the evil dark govt, that person is going to be doubly tempted and there's the leverage right there. What are "Washington parties" about after all?

Rather than go further down the "whatever can be done" path in this post ... politically I mean ... I'd like to look at age, as in not too many years or even months left. If you see the grim reaper on the horizon, as we all inevitably must, and assuming we escape the worst of what is besetting others ... what then?

If you know things are wrong, if you speak out about them, knowing you're fairly safe behind a keyboard, plus you have increasing health issues, despite looking after yourself ... what then?  How do you wish to be remembered? Someone who stood up when it counted?

And if you do stand up to it ... then sooner or later they'll get you. Will you depart as a Sydney Carton ... conscience partly assuaged, reputation somewhat improved ... or as another NPC?