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With the loss of both N.O and OoL after Chuckles died in early January, 2021, both sets of policies pages were also lost, so this is the first attempt at a new one.

There are some things which must be stated though upfront:

#  Legally, we comply with any mandates by our govt regarding copyright, defamation and cookies - please be assured that if you choose to read this blog, cookies are used, as determined by Blogger.

#  This blog most certainly does not exhort violence, nor urge anyone to do anything illegal, nor tell readers how to construct weapons - none of that, all right?  It does, though, most certainly speak its mind on humbug, fraud, the usual things political pundits tackle, plus many other “feature” posts.

#  Regarding copyright, all attempts are made to attribute images but if there's any issue, we require 24 hours to take down but will not, in any way, shape or form, respond to attempts at extortion.

#  Regarding our position on “Wokery”:


As and when other things come up, policy wise, they'll be added here.

- James, 19.01.21, 03.07.21 [Wokery]

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