Friday, June 09, 2023

Friday [1 to 3]

[0539]  Morning all. (0650)

3.  Some of these

2.  Eagle eyed readers may have noticed

... there's no West Country today, which immediately leads one to suspect all sorts of imaginings:

  • The noble chap is unwell or under the weather or worse
  • He's quite p...ed off by something I/we have done ... the task is nailing that reason
  • It's his b'day or he's on holiday
  • He's done a Chuckles
  • The weather's just been too good for all this
  • He's come to the conclusion that the game's not worth the candle
  • Something has happened to TGWP itself
  • There's been interference preventing him from posting

If the latter is the actual case, which my vote is for, then this is also curious:

... it suggests we've been put on the naughty list of known troublemakers and someone or some little committee is doing a number on us, which seems to be supported by Thursday 19, which is seeing bizarre numbers just now.

My own feeling is that both he and that other unnamed chap are being algorithmed out, just as this Higham is. Next stop is NOWP, to see if anything's goin' on over there.

1.  Climate of opinion

In fact, notes Dr. Roy Spencer, the latest crop of climate models, known as CMIP6, now disagree on the expected amount of warming in the lower atmosphere “more than ever before”.

Estimates currently vary between 1.8°C to 5.6°C among researchers who run computer models and mostly believe the rises are caused by humans burning fossil fuel. But as Daily Sceptic readers have seen, this hypothesis is not the only game in town.

The most cynical and distrusting of us (with good cause, see all previous posts passim) are not just so on one, two or three issues ... there's a remarkable tendency for us unherdable cats to actually be ... er ... herded by our convictions, vaguely into an identifiable political platform of very similar planks, more or less, give or take.

To the annoyance of our fellows, sometimes some of us stick rigidly to articles of faith in, say, Jesus Christ, which turns miaows into hissing growls, ditto in believing in "real" science at STP ... or to the obvious truth that cyberspace does actually work and has benefits ... even that Spinoza did occasionally make sense ... but by and large, if we start by not trusting govt on any pronouncement or scheme .... that's a good starting point for "our" lot.


  1. Canada

    1. JH: At the very second you flashed across the screen, I was making the screenshot of Smith in Alberta. Great minds think alike ...

      ... whereas mine has some catching up to do. 😆

  2. "Disturbing Rise in Cognitive Problems in 2023
    Do you Know Anyone Who Recently Declined Intellectually?"

  3. Retired Canadian fire-fighters experience when volunteering to help deal with the forest fires


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