Thursday, June 08, 2023

Thursday [16 till close of play]

Evening all.

23.  Meanwhile, in France, with IYE

In no particular order, a summary of the day's doings at NOWP:

22.  Westminster ... oh so wrong in every way

21.  Strange old world

After the 60s/70s Callan days, with bogeymen Soviets, quite rightly cast as such imho, now the right is with Russia ... and let's broaden it ... get the hell out of Russia, the Ukraine, sicko males get out of women's sport, execute sicko porn merchants for kids.

20.  Well of course ... and why not?

19.  Absolutely no rhyme or reason

... for NO main site stats ... largely meaningless ... the only meaning, imho, is if what we write is relevant, accurate or not at both places.

18.  (2105) Well well well

Just woke up, was fast asleep ... what day is it? How long was I out for?  Are you surviving?  Still light out there.

17.  Something good, something bad

I've been fighting three separate wars all day today, now done. Knackered. One war was human v IT. I've found that if you get caught up in the limited IT loop of closed, restricted options, far from getting me rethinking, it has me finding IT ways around it.  This big firm picked up on what I was doing and the techies were amused, as it's obvious I'm just an advanced user, not a techie.

Still worked. So I found a way around Amz's IT blocking system, actually got a human ... sorted in one minute.  Good stuff ... get the flawed human or efficient ... still better than a machine.

However, the flawed human was very much to the fore with two deliveries by the same firm ... one last evening, one just now by the worst delivery firm in the UK and many agree. They don't just sometimes get it wrong, it's Evri time.  They just fling the package by the footpath, no warning when they're arriving. In both cases, he waited in the van further up the road, ran to our place, flung it, scarpered on winged sandals, van vroom ... gone.  Did not buzz either time.

They never give a day, just a three day range to keep you at home, on tenterhooks.  They are unprofessional. How did we get lumbered with them?  By trickery. You buy through Amz, they say Prime, good, but never show the courier until it's out for delivery, then suddenly: Delivery by H.....

Way around it?  No one in his right mind would use them, they know that, so the seller keeps it hidden. Well, if the delivery is over a three day period ... don't buy from that seller ... or if you must, then contact the seller and say no H....., if it is, I shan't buy.

16.  Steve

War Room snippets...

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