Friday, June 09, 2023

Friday [4 to 7]

(0713) Covfefe required immediately please. (0800)

7.  A few more

6.  Alberta

Sounds very much to me like Federal Criminal Terrorist squads, given Smith’s standing up to their tyranny.

5.  Iterations of the phantom

a.  Canada

b.  Retired Canadian fire-fighters experience when volunteering to help deal with the forest fires

4.  Now and Next on the Tories

Labour got rid of Corbyn because the label on his bottle told you honestly what was inside; the new leader seeks to slip you a potent cocktail, a Kir Starmer. The only reason the Daily Mail can find for us to support Sunak is that Starmer would - will - be worse.

Really? Worse than what?


  1. What worse? This - UK gov't continues to persecute Assange to please their 'owners'. Did you read anything about his appeal in the MSM?

    "The UK wants wants the Wikileaks publisher extradited to the US"

    "Assange to make final appeal"

    "Assange’s previous appeal of the June 2020 extradition order was rejected earlier this week. On June 6, Justice Jonathan Swift of the High Court of England and Wales rejected all eight grounds for his motion, giving the WikiLeaks publisher a five-day deadline to make his case to a two-judge panel."

    1. [Sackerson]: Until this is put right British justice is an unburied corpse.

  2. Redacted from yesterday

  3. humour(or maybe not?) from Eaton Rapids Joe;
    "I image that somewhere in America some Social Justice Warrior is writing a Grant that reads something like this:"

    Solicitation for Grants:

    Leptard Community Farm

    Veer/Vus/Vii are seeking funding for an interactive study where Feminist Ideals are used to reimagine Agriculture and create a safe-space that reductively diminishes the Cultural Imperialism of the Heteronormative, Cis-binary power structure.

    The Leptard Commune envisions an agricultural space that will provide all of the food, fiber and medicine for the members of the Leptard Commune with each receiving to her needs.

    The Urf, our birthing-Planet, will be coaxed into producing in a non-coercive way that does not perpetuate Euro-centric, Patriarchal norms. Specifically, our Urf’s skin will not be breached in violent, non-consensual, penetrating ways. Seeds will be made available to the Urf’s birds and furry creatures for them to plant in natural ways. Plants that rise from indigenous seeds will be raised and nurtured just like the ones we plant. We will nurture our children, the plants through poetry and song and used Pampers.

    No poisons will be allowed, nor will any sharp tools be used to injure or traumatize ANY plants in our sacred, agricultural space.

    We feel that productivity will increase in the first year by at least 16-fold (a sacred number) as we treat the Urth with love and kindness. Furthermore, we feel that productivity will increase by 256-fold the second year.


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