Sunday, March 26, 2023

Last post ... only a fool would say that

Becker and Fagan never really grabbed me, not even this below or most songs ... but two or three were very good.  The Beatles, on the other hand, were established and had many genuine hits.

Then Lennon came out with his infamous remark and immediately had to backtrack on his idiotic choice of comparison:

"More popular than Jesus" is part of a remark made by John Lennon of the Beatles in a March 1966 interview in which he argued that the public were more infatuated with the band than with Jesus and that Christian faith was declining to the extent that it might be outlasted by rock music.

Lennon's Master has certainly worked tirelessly to produce such a situation but his, Lennon's, seeming innocuous statement of fact as of 2023 was undermined by this:

In new book Mr. Confidential, author Chris Hutchins says, "John Lennon told me how outrageous you could be in Hamburg. "He said he would pee from his window on the heads of nuns heading for church below. "No wonder Little Richard described him as 'the Devil's own child'." (31 Aug 2005)

Then came the infamous Imagine, a song of total bollox which reached its Nadir at the 2012 Olympics with those children turned into satan's little myrmidons, along with the phoenix and the rest of the occult imagery. It was just a question of time until 2020 to 2025 inevitably happened.

Interestingly, Becker and Fagan had Lennon's number right from the get-go:

Which is interesting when considering their own New York Jewish shtick.

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