Sunday, March 26, 2023

Sunday [11 till close of play]

Evening all. Strange old day, nottalotta politics around.

13.  The filth being peddled

… and no high ups are saying a word:

12.  Phantom Digger

a.  Sneakiness in US of A

"Everyone needs to hear about the RESTRICT Act (S. 686). This bill is also currently known as the "Tik Tok ban" by many. But, it looks as though we were all deceived again. The Tik Tok ban is nothing but a distraction while they try to push the RESTRICT Act into law...."

b.  Nonclinical Evaluation Report

BNT162b2 [mRNA] COVID-19 vaccine
Submission No: PM-2020-05461-1-2
Sponsor: Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd
January 2021

11.  Steve

War Room (weekend) snippets - Great gals from over the pond...

Moms For Liberty To Confront DoJ And FBI On Their Attack On Parental Rights

Democrats Called Out In-Person By Tiffany Justice For Their Abandonment Of America’s Parents

Stephanie Pomboy: Years Of Reckless Monetary Policy Has Destroyed Americans’ Retirement Pensions

The Donor Class’s Days Are Numbered | Trump Spokesperson Liz Harrington Rips Into Left Wing Media


  1. Evets 1

    UK Gov. confirms C**ID Vaccinated Teens & Young Adults are 92% more likely to die than Unvaccinated Teens & Young Adults

    UK Government quietly confirms Triple+ Vaccinated accounted for 92% of C**ID Deaths in 2022

    Fauci confirms gain-of-function research conducted on pathogen blamed for C**ID-19 pandemic

    Biden White House pressured Facebook to censor vaccine skeptics on private messaging service WhatsApp

    In other news..

    USA Today again picks biological man as ‘woman of the year’

    Matt Taibbi: People Can Win - 'We’ve been trained to think that endless rule by tiny minorities of really horrible people is the natural order of things, but that turns out to be just another lie'

    Are We Going To See Another Kennedy in the White House?

  2. Evets 2

    Military situation in Bakhmut on March 26, 2023 (Map Update)

    Russia Breakthrough Bakhmut AZOM Captured, Putin Russia Outproduces West Weapons; India Resists US

    Putin, nukes deployed to Belarus. US & Poland unhappy with Olaf. EU, sanction washing machines. U/1

    In Moscow, Xi and Putin Bury Pax Americana

    How Does China Change the War in Ukraine? - Judge Napolitano | Larry Johnson

    Christopher Caldwell’s "Why Are We in Ukraine? A Steep Bill Comes Due for Decades of Democracy Promotion."

  3. Evets 3

    President Trump Opens Rally with J6 Political Prisoners Singing National Anthem – The Number One Song on iTunes! (Video)

    President Trump in Waco: “Either the Deep State Destroys America, or We Destroy the Deep State”

    Trump Says He Thinks Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Has Dropped the Case Against Him

    Alan Dershowitz on Alvin Bragg’s Made-Up Crimes to Get Trump: This is the “Worst Example of Prosecutorial Abuse” – He “Could Lose His Bar License” (Video)

    Blago destroys crooked DA Alvin Bragg – Shuts Down FOX News Anti-Trumper Eric Shawn (Video)

  4. Evets 4

    20 Confirmed Incidents and Operations: The Dozens of Feds, FBI Agents and State Operatives Who Infiltrated the Trump Crowds on January 6th at the US Capitol and Led the Protests

    Rotten FBI Agents Even Befriended J6 Protester and Tried to Convince Him to Create or Use Molotov Cocktails

    Ford Motors Losing Billions on Electric Vehicles

    Spanish Third-Division Match Suspended After World Cup Star’s Brother Suffers Cardiac Arrest in First Half (Video)

    Footballer Zé Carlos Suffers a Shock During a Game, Collapses Twice (Video)


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