Monday, March 27, 2023

Monday [1 and 2]


2.  MftWC

UK Gov. confirms C**ID Vaccinated Teens & Young Adults are 92% more likely to die than Unvaccinated Teens & Young Adults

UK Government quietly confirms Triple+ Vaccinated accounted for 92% of C**ID Deaths in 2022

Fauci confirms gain-of-function research conducted on pathogen blamed for C**ID-19 pandemic

Biden White House pressured Facebook to censor vaccine skeptics on private messaging service WhatsApp

In other news..

USA Today again picks biological man as ‘woman of the year’

Matt Taibbi: People Can Win - 'We’ve been trained to think that endless rule by tiny minorities of really horrible people is the natural order of things, but that turns out to be just another lie'

Are We Going To See Another Kennedy in the White House?

1.  Rickards


  1. David Craig exposes the lies behind the 'HS2' vanity project:

  2. John Ward (The Slog) is at Defcon 1:

  3. Does anyone have any news about David Duff of the Duff and Nonsense blog?


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