Friday, March 17, 2023

Friday [1 to 3]

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3.  TDS

Many people are becoming increasingly aware of the infrastructure being created by governments working hand-in-glove with Big Tech in order to censor any form of dissent. 

Even two years ago this view would have seemed somewhat paranoid, but through the important disclosures made by Senators Grassley and Hawley, the Twitter Files and also Big Brother Watch’s report on the Ministry of Truth, there is now irrefutable evidence that censorship is taking place on an unprecedented scale.

New research by Thinking Coalition shows that the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) is playing an integral part in this censorship. The research highlights connections (depicted on an interactive map) showing the unhealthy alliance between Big Tech, government agencies (mainly security related) and oligarch foundations who cooperate in order to shut down dissent.

2.  DAD

The government of French President Emmanuel Macron was thrown into chaos on Thursday after it used a controversial constitutional loophole to pass his widely contested bill to raise the retirement age after it was doubtful that the legislation would secure a majority vote in the National Assembly.

Thousands of people immediately took to the streets and leftist leaders and union chiefs have already called for mass demonstrations over the weekend after French Prime Minster Elisabeth Borne took to the floor of the National Assembly — amid shouts of “resign” from opposition MPs — to invoke article 49.3 of the constitution, a mechanism often described as the “nuclear option” in French legislative politics, as it allows the government to pass bills without the need for a majority vote.

Explanation of the 49.3 law in France that was used to force through the changes to retirement law. 

* To have a text adopted without a vote by the National Assembly, the Prime Minister can engage the responsibility of the government by activating Article 49.3 of the Constitution.

* The bill is then considered adopted if a motion of censure against the government is not passed by the National Assembly.

*Conversely, if a motion of censure is passed, the government is overthrown and the text rejected.

The RN group (Marine le Pen's group) has (or will be) proposing a vote of no confidence in the Government. Will she have the backing of the Left?

1.  MftWC one

Fact: The C**ID Virus was made in a BioLab & Fauci, Bill Gates & Moderna are all responsible

Fauci sent American taxpayer money to communist China to research and develop C**ID, spread pandemic propaganda

Emails in 2020 blow the C**id PCR test scam out of the water

Has governments’ fear-mongering left the public traumatised? Are we suffering from learned helplessness?

In other news..

Germany’s Conservative AfD Overtakes Green Party For First Time In 4 Years

SVB, Credit Suisse et al – An Attack on the Bad Guys? - (includes Amazing Polly)

Nearly 6,000 public schools hiding students’ gender status from parents


  1. There are plenty of photographs and videos of the manifestation in Paris last evening.

  2. How to stop marrying your cousins. A thread 🧵

  3. Just pondering the situ over here. What if Micron went the 49.3 route and opened Pandora's box deliberately because he wants out like Jackboots Jacinda and Wee Krankie? This way he can tell his WEF-fing masters he tried his best to do their bidding. On the other hand he thinks he's Zeus so who knows?