Friday, March 17, 2023

Friday [4 to 7]

Morning all. Dreary out there so far. 0732: brightening up now.

7.  Back in the day

Just like Douglas Adams, I hanker after those bygone days:

“In those days spirits were brave, the stakes were high, men were real men, women were real women and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri.”

6.  MftWC too

Military situation in Bakhmut on March 16, 2023 (Map Update)

Russia Brings Down US Reaper Drone, Claims Big Advances Bakhmut, Kupiansk; US MSM Blames Zelensky

Drone video. Politico, 100K KIA. Russia, taste victory. Credit Suisse bailout. Jar of tomatoes. U/1

Downing US drones saves thousands of lives

Drone Incident: Biden's Dangerous Escalation - Judge Napolitano | Scott Ritter

Weakening Russia still a Good Idea? - Judge Napolitano | Col. Doug Macgregor

5.  Quite like that old one about

… walk a mile in my shoes. That way, you’re a mile away, and you’ve got his shoes.

4.  So Micron tries that on, does he?

Right, time for Place de la Concord once more.  Time for the Bastille. For Marianne.

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