Thursday, March 16, 2023

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19.  Did we say last one?

Polly tentacles is worth a look.

18.  This is the last Thursday item

... because it really should not be passed by. IYE at NOWP:

You really don't need to know French to get the gist, you know the bkgd already.  Let's just put to one side for now the actual issue of the pension age, obviously invader related.  That's ongoing.

The thing stunning me is the out and out gall, the chutzpah, of the assembly, be it in France, Britain, the US ... wherever ... tale's the same:

#  Total dropping of any ethics in the electoral process. Lies are but one aspect ... it's the total readiness of almost all ... 49 to 3, to wave through something 75% of the society flatly rejects having vocally been saying so. You could go to the Dutch farmers ... I'm not sure at all that those numbers were for real. Situation is global.

#  There must be abject fear driving seemingly or formerly ethical people to the point of completely abandoning any ethics whatever, any honest process, with zero oversight and the press giving it all a free pass.

#  The cabal hawks are clearly provoking people, from eating bugs to the Russkies to revolutions within the west.  There absolutely MUST be actual war, slaughter to stop what they know must be the reckoning.

#  Simply put, mass protests are ignored, the water cannon starts, the Kent State shootings start, the Maidan massacres.  It would have happened long ago ... absolutely no one but those strategically placed people want it. 

#  So it just goes on and on. Is that how a prosperous society works?

These fiends in assemblies are going to have to be dragged outside, it's as simple as that.  As in Sri Lanka. I can see the French being first.  Against that is a completely nobbled society with dysfunctional millennials, post millennials plus the current young ... dead losses as humans. 

See, even if our generation(s) wanted, just how old and infirm are we now?  When the thugs charged, I'd like to think I could take a couple out before being cut down ... but it's pretty ineffective overall, innit?

Schultz, Gates, Fauci must be executed. Now either they're Nephilim and unkillable or else they can be sniped.  But they must be shot.  Now. It would have to be military breaking ranks I'd say, as with the Ceausescus. Would not be plod, who are just an arm of the crims, now utter monsters themselves.

17.  IYE at NOWP

“PARIS — French President Emmanuel Macron imposed a highly unpopular bill raising the retirement age from 62 to 64 on Thursday by shunning parliament and invoking a special constitutional power.

Lawmakers were shouting, their voices shaking with emotion as Macron made the risky move, which is expected to trigger quick motions of no-confidence in his government. Riot police vans zoomed by outside the National Assembly, their sirens wailing.

Macron decided to invoke the special power during a Cabinet meeting at the Elysee presidential palace, just a few minutes before the scheduled vote in France’s lower house of parliament, because he had no guarantee of a majority.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne then tried to formally announce the decision at the National Assembly, where leftist members broke into the French national anthem to delay her speech. The speaker had to briefly suspend the session to restore order.”

16.  Steve

War Room snippets..

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  1. MftWC 1

    Fact: The C**ID Virus was made in a BioLab & Fauci, Bill Gates & Moderna are all responsible

    Fauci sent American taxpayer money to communist China to research and develop C**ID, spread pandemic propaganda

    Emails in 2020 blow the C**id PCR test scam out of the water

    Has governments’ fear-mongering left the public traumatised? Are we suffering from learned helplessness?

    In other news..

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    Nearly 6,000 public schools hiding students’ gender status from parents

  2. The last Thursday item.

    The 49.3 wasn't a vote. It refers to Article 49.3 of the French Constitution whereby Macron or whomever can pass a bill without a vote which is what he's done because there is doubt whether he could get it through on a vote. So he bulldozed it.

    This also means he can be challenged with a no confidence vote which could lead to the his govt being dissolved and a general election called. Haven't taken a pulse as to how the many and various parties involved will react. Tomorrow is another day....

    1. JH: Ah right, got it. The reaction of the crowds is my focus.

    2. The Assembly was due to vote today but Micron preempted that with his shock announcement. Hence the uproar and singing of the Marseillaise to drown out his sock puppet Borne the Prime Minister nobody voted for and whom nobody but Micron wanted. She even tried to resign but he rejected her resignation. Democracy eh! Don't ya just love it? Sigh! Depending on what happens next with the gubermint we could be facing a general strike. I don't anticipate the services being turned back on at Micron's official residence any time soon. :)

  3. MftWC 2

    Military situation in Bakhmut on March 16, 2023 (Map Update)

    Russia Brings Down US Reaper Drone, Claims Big Advances Bakhmut, Kupiansk; US MSM Blames Zelensky

    Drone video. Politico, 100K KIA. Russia, taste victory. Credit Suisse bailout. Jar of tomatoes. U/1

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  4. MftWC 3

    “The Government Should Be Prosecuting Its Own” – Judge Napolitano Issues Press Release Concerning the Highly Controversial Proud Boys Trial

    Wisconsin Republican Senate Initiates Process to Scrub Wisconsin Voter Rolls of 3.8 million Extra Names and Phantom Voters

    Rasmussen Poll Shows a Majority of All Voters Believe Trump’s 2020 Campaign Was Sabotaged by GOP D.C. Politicians

    House Oversight Committee Shows Bidens Received $1 Million after China Wired $3 Million to Biden Associate

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  5. MftWC 4

    WWIII Update: Senator Lindsey Graham Calls for US Military to Open Fire on Russian Jets – “That’s What Ronald Reagan Would Do”

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    “I Was Severely Injured by the Moderna Vaccine” – Former Pussycat Dolls Member Shares Her Vaccine Injury Story (Video)