Friday, February 03, 2023

Friday film

PD wrote:

I’ve seen clips of Hulme as PT and think he did a good job. Francis Matthews was poop. I have the first PT Send for Paul Temple on audio. Overall plot is OK. It was made for Canadian radio and starred Bernard Braden as PT. It was "Am-Dram night down at the Parish Hall" awful but interesting to discover "Steve's" background.  

Uh huh.  The fuzzy PT on YT has already gone, disappeared, here’s another:

A woman is found dead on a train, the name "Rex" written on the pull-down blind. It is the third in a mysterious string of murders. Later, while detective novelist Paul Temple, his wife Steve, and Scotland Yard's Sir Graham Forbes are at a nightclub, they receive a message from singer Norma Rice concerning the "Rex" murders. But before Sir Graham has the chance to speak to her, she drops dead in the middle of her act... Can Paul solve the case before "Rex" strikes again?

Awwww, that’s easy … it’s the death shot booster.

The radio play for this evening is Ngaio Marsh (PD’s):

Radio plays only require small windows, films need larger.

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