Friday, February 03, 2023

Friday [10 to 13]

Afternoon all. Next post is at 1630, orright? (Just remembered, I don't have a quiz ready. Rather than rush, we'll do one tomorrow.)

13.  Birthday

There are quite a few birthdays around mine. I assure you it's not mine today but it is the bday of someone once close. I might be well out of order here but I suspect it was she who wrote the immortal words "you disguist me". Either way, I've no hard feelings and hope she has a good one.

This ushers in a three week period which has always been hellish for me, not your doing, just the way the various dates fall.  I'll be glad to be the other side of it.

12.  DAD at 15:29

Bill Gates, “Aerogel” & the next stage of mRNA “vaccines”.

11.  Steve

Some people think she's a lightweight because she's not a medical doctor and she was Democrat who, back in the day, worked for Bill Clinton. She's therefore suspect. Last year she left the Democrats after a lifetime of supporting them and became an Independent. She's lost a lot of friends and many in her family have disowned her. This is her life now:

Dr Wolf: AI At War Against Humanity, Genocidal Pfizer Vaccines Against Children

10.  Ripper


  1. 13 - Yes it seems quite a bit of serious canoodling happens with the start of spring and the Mayday festivities. Must be those pesky Pagans again! But I believe the peak time for birthdays is 9 months after the Christmas/New year holiday.

    1. In that case, I think my dad was a few months out in his calculations.

  2. No , it's Spring that is the culprit.

    Oldest Grandson 17 Nov
    Sister 28 Nov
    Grandson 29 Nov
    Other Grandson 8 Dec
    Daughter 19 Dec
    Son 23 Dec
    Father 24 Dec *
    Me 27 Dec
    Other Sister 1 Jan
    Mum 25 Jan *
    Other daughter 28 Jan

    * Mum and Dad no longer with us.

    1. Told you!

  3. MftWC 1

    Evidence suggesting an iatrogenic death spike in England in the spring of 2020 is mounting up

    The Dam Of Lies Surrounding C**ID Lab Leak Is Breaking

    EcoHealth Alliance whistleblower Dr Andrew Huff spills the beans to Mike Adams about DARPA, bioweapons and their ties to Wuhan

    EMA Approval of C**ID Vaccine for Children caused a 698% increase in Child Excess Deaths across Europe

    ‘Truther’ Doctor Ryan Cole Continues to Out Himself [Videos]


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