Friday, February 03, 2023

Friday [14 till close of play]

Evening all.

16.  More on balloons and winds

As for why it should not be shot down over land ... there is a case that it does have nasties inside or else, as Gen Flynn indicates, the potential triggering of an impulse mechanism.  There's also a case that the treasonous military brass know exactly what it's about.

15.  Flynn

In my long book, I used massed balloons which blew across Brittany in one case and over a fuel dump in another. The Chinese nicked my idea.

More seriously, why has no one asked where it launched from? Obvious question is where is the nearest Soy Boy CCP military base?  Vancouver Island, is it not?

14.  Lean pickings but here are a few


  1. MftWC 2

    Jewish doctors and scientists to Rishi Sunak: “We request you withdraw accusations of anti-Semitism levelled at Andrew Bridgen”

    Inside The Secret Government Meeting On C**ID-19 & Natural Immunity

    The World is Far More Corrupt than You Feared

    Why Egg Farms are Really Being Destroyed


    ‘State of Control’: The control society is increasingly becoming a reality

  2. MftWC 3

    All aspects of the US and Allied War against Russia are now failing

    Is the US forcing Putin's hand in the Ukraine War? Judge Napolitano | Scott Ritter

    Putin's Stalingrad warning. CIA Burns floats land for peace. EU-Kiev summit enforces dress code. U/1

    Biden is pushing Putin in a deadly direction

    Russia is ready for a much larger conflict than Ukraine - Douglas Macgregor

    Scott Ritter+Clayton Morris Portugal just entered WW3

    Russian large-scale combat actions in Ukraine expected in February

  3. During WW2 the Japanese used high altitude balloons carrying bombs to ride a jet stream over to California. People were killed.

  4. MftWC 4

    “I Think the Police Officer Did His Job” – Kevin McCarthy Defends Cold-Blooded Killer Mike Byrd, Throws Ashli Babbit Under the Bus

    Ashli Babbitt’s Mother Micki Witthoft Responds to Kevin McCathy’s Disgusting Comments About Her Daughter’s Murderer

    House Democrats Get Triggered By Matt Gaetz Proposing Members Of The Judiciary Committee Recite Pledge Of Allegiance Before Meetings (Video)

    Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Responds to Democrat Meltdown Over Her ‘Assault Weapon Pin’ – “Jimmy, Stop Trying to Date Me!”

    Pentagon Spox Says China Spy Balloon Is Maneuverable; Won’t Say Where It Is Now Over US, Tells Concerned Americans They Can Go Look in the Sky

    Antony Blinken Cancels Beijing Trip Indefinitely After Trump Calls for Biden to Shoot Down Balloon

  5. MftWC 5

    Braincell update:

    Joe Biden: “More Than Half the Women in My Administration are Women” (Video)

    FBI Planning to Build New Headquarters Building Twice the Size of Pentagon – Republicans Need to Stop This

    “This is a Hell-Hole Here on the Left” – Dr Naomi Wolf Discusses How Americans Are Looking at Politics and How C**ID Vaccine Facts Affect Their Perceptions

    Newsweek Op-Ed: “We in the Scientific Community Were Wrong. And it Cost Lives”

    Project Veritas: Pfizer Director Concerned Over Women’s Reproductive Health After C**id Vax, ‘There is Something Irregular About Menstrual Cycles’ (Video)

    23-Year-Old Georgia Police Officer S**denly D**s During Foot Chase


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