Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Tuesday [3 and 4]

Morning soon (I suppose).

4.  While on Mr. Satterthwaite

Reason that’s significant is this:

Shall come back to this.

3.  Let’s open with this

Again with the theme in 1 to 3 repeated, I’m going to have to wait until he posts, go there, get the url and put it in blogrolls.  Time.  Time.  Alternatively, I can go to my own substack, which is not easy for me to get into, involving me first sending a message to email, then that’s no longer easy, then finding the code etc.

There is nothing straightforward to blogging these last couple of years and it’s getting worse.  Deliberately?

Which brings me to Rolf at Now and Next because he made a comment that blogging does not seem to do anything.  Au contraire, say I … may I draw attention to Mr. Satterthwaite, one of Christie’s characters:

Agatha Christie played with the idea by putting these words into Mr. Satterthwaite's mouth, the woman he was addressing considering suicide:
“You say your life is your own,” went on Mr Satterthwaite to her, “But can you dare to ignore the chance that you are taking part in a gigantic drama under the orders of a Divine Producer? You, as you, may not matter to anyone in the world but you as a person in a particular place and a particular context may matter unimaginably.”

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  1. Re #3: Sackerson here. Didn't realise I've attracted the negative attention of Google. Semms like even a deliberately reasonable approach to the CV/V*cc debate marks one for the Black Spot.