Saturday, August 06, 2022

Saturday [12 to 15]

Afternoon all.

15.  Over at OoL

14.  If you can get in there, good luck

... I just grabbed a shot of the Epoch promo:

13.  Ian J

a.  Decline and fall? an intesting article on the saker:

b.  They have many ways of concealing the truth and don't seem to care that we know they are lying;

12.  Interesting one over at Foggy’s

Foggy: The lesson wot’s in the video below illustrates how much better use his money could’ve been put to by buying a new build rather than the renovating he’s presently involved with. Yeah, right.

Ripper’s reply is not here recorded.


  1. Chinas subtle response to pelosis visit - sand - who'd have thought of that??

  2. Steve

    War Room snippets..

    Dr Peter McCullough On Covid-19 Shots: The Vaccines Are Non-Sterilizing

    Kash Patel Talks Trump’s Authorization Request For 20,000 National Guard Leading Up to January 6th