Saturday, August 06, 2022

Ainsley Gotto

“It wiggles, it’s shapely, it’s cold-blooded and its name is Ainsley Gotto”.

This is one of those where I saw the photos and thought … I remember her … didn’t she have it away with John Gorton, the Oz PM long ago?

What I find sad is that though she briefly married, late, she had no children.  Not that it’s compulsory of course but it does indicate tick-tock to an extent [1993].

72’s not old, wonder if she felt she’d achieved something.  Then again, what have any of us achieved?

There’s no interview on youtube, she was the lady who knew how things were and was sayin’ nuffink to no one.  There was talk of the siblings’ deaths before her but nothing seems available on it.

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