Saturday, August 06, 2022

Australia’s internal air carriers

Ruairidh makes substance-heavy vlogs … his level of detail and flat monotone delivery often makes it difficult to follow … for me, this one is material I know 80% of but the other 20% was fascinating too.  

Is he a Welshman?  Well anyway.

I’m ashamed to say that we flew TAA rather than Ansett-ANA and our family’s pro-govt attitude I took to Russia with me.  When organising an internal holiday within Russia, the love of my life was not impressed that I’d booked our holiday through Intourist, the official govt travel firm … she worked within the airline industry herself, for a German carrier.

The firm’s reps themselves almost fell over backwards when I strolled in to make the booking.  I reasoned that they’d do a lot to make this trip work, as private firms were making inroads at that time, and how, and our previous year’s holiday had been with Air France … what a disaster.  

Intourist really did try to make it work but of course, one is dealing with Russians, within Russia.  It was also amusing to see Volgas arriving to transfer us from hub to hub.  As I said to the love of my life in the back seat … wot you moanin’ about … has the Volga not got the best rear seat room of any car except maybe a Merc?  [We later went by Merc in Thailand.]

The beauty of Intourist was that anything which did crop up … one word from us to the govt and it was resolved.  I still swear by, not at, the govt travel firm, internally … it went smoothly, albeit being a bit Soviet at times.  Fascinating bit of history too for me, look of pity from her.

Anyway, here’s Ruairidh:

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