Saturday, August 06, 2022

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11.  Two views
AKHFew of us have the ability to lie as the political classes lie.

Dearieme: I disagree. Politicians routinely attempt to mislead by - for example - distraction, exaggeration, or omission. But downright lies are rarer.

10.  James Douglas Gray

One more:

9.  Entering left field now

You saw Tulsi G making the triangle, there is a triangle post in the sidebar, now the interview, with MSM, of a “mother” of a Sandy Hook “victim” also making the triangle, hands held down at her waist - I just saw the stills - there is also Alex Jones “only” being fined what he was, a slap on the wrist to him … he or she of you, dear reader, who is with wisdom … do not draw the wrong conclusion … but if you draw the right one … dear oh dear, weez surrounded by em, chaps and chapesses.  They have all the high passes out of this valley of the shadow of death covered.

It would probably then require a non-temporal intervention.  Sorry to have disturbed you, back to normal transmission again.

8. Vox

“While everyone was watching the maneuvers and exercises of the PLA Navy, Beijing delivered an imperceptible, but perfectly calibrated and crushing blow. Since August 3, it has been strictly forbidden to send sand to Taiwan. For Taiwan, this is far worse than a direct military invasion and an amphibious landing.

The disruption of imported supply chains of construction sand and quartz sand could potentially send not only the Taiwanese economy, but the entire global electronics industry, from game consoles to the “brains” of modern missiles and fighter jets, into a deep knockout.”

7.  This one was sent

… by the Phantom Digger and of course the Russians would say that, as Mandy R-D might have said:

"Russian MIL Declares Ukraine Origin of C19! DNC Globalists Created Covid!"

One to explore.


  1. Decline and fall? an intesting article on the saker;

  2. I'm with Dearieme. It's rare to catch a government spokesperon in an outright lie. But one has to be very careful in understanding what they say. When the gouvernement tried to blame the treasury for the sale of Britain's gold at the "Brown bottom" price, the claim was that the gold was sold on the technical advice of the treasury. Technical advice is advice on technique, that is how to do some thing, not whether or not it should be donc. Beware qualifying adjectives. See also "no concievable risk" in relation to BSE

  3. They have many ways of concealing the truth and don't seem to care that we know they are lying;