Thursday, May 12, 2022

Thursday [2 to 6]

Concoction and sleep needed.

6.  Sympathy for Their Monolithic Majesties

In all fairness to our hosts, they have every right to ask for proof of what we say, or at least for compelling evidence.  If we cannot provide that, but only meme after meme in screenshot form, then we should not be running it.

Here is a screenshot:

 ... and HERE IS THE LINK. You judge if the evidence stacks up or not.

While we're here, have a glance above at the avatar and moniker of the poster.  Interesting, eh?  If we go back to Amfortas years ago and his fellow k-niggets' sworn foe, other than Bahofebeelze himself of course ... it is the highest echelons of hijacked masonry, the movers and shakers behind the trouble ... or at least a large proportion of it.

My only comment is ... how on earth could the average, unenquiring, talkback radio listening normie possibly be up with any of this?

5.  Jackboot

4.  Man who is from the West Country

Over there.  Also Phantom and In Yer Auditory Organ.

Note for readers:  some of you find it easier to comment here, some over there.  Please regard both comments threads as live on things at either place. It IS the same blog.

3.  DAD daily drop


  1. The Flaxen co-Scriblerus Friend has succumbed. Wish him well.

    1. Shall do. Mine is definitely not cv of any kind, it precedes it by a decade, it's just the bog standard.

  2. Sorry to learn you are under the weather and hope that it is of brief duration. Under the weather here too, though not the lurgy. Hear is my only offering for today. Shall be back as and when. Be good chaps and chapesses and keep fighting the good fight.

    And another one gone, another one bites the dust

    1. Yes and of course thoughts for you and others of us under the hammer.