Thursday, May 12, 2022

Thursday already [1]

Morning all.

1.  Housekeeping

All of us have issues, you're always welcome to open up on yours here, you know that. 

I open up only on those affecting blogging or which would be good anecdotes, plus it sends a message [without emailing] to certain close people who need to know.  Emailing is unwise with fellow combatants.

Some of those needing to know are our 'hood, our chaps and chapesses wondering where things are which they sent. 

Today's report says that I have indeed come down with the lurgy [maybe two weeks as usual] but mildly ... because I hit it early.  It manifests in weird but typical ways.  One of those ways is sensitivity to radiation from these devices.

I'm not in the condition to argue this one out again but put simply, if I go near a device, I start seizing up within minutes.  It's a typical body reaction of mine, to the point it precludes much blogging.  Yet we have drops which need to go up.  

They do not need to necesarily be up at ONO [this site].  This is the good thing about multiple outlets, as long as our chaps[esses] understand and accept that when we're under duress, it may need to be for that time.  Sitrep changes daily.

I'll do what I can today, chaps[esses].  One coming up soon at t'other place.  Ta.

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