Thursday, May 12, 2022

Thursday [7 to 9]

Lucid period of the day, stoked up on concoction.

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7.  Rossa's mother

She thought this interesting.

Methinks, laze and gem, if we do wade through all of it we've seen from all sources anti and pro, and if we sort it out in our heads, a pattern emerges.

I notice some oblique references by those who are more the doing than talking types ... for example, someone ran the footage of the end of the Ceaucescues.  Reason I don't openly come out with it is of course bulls of bashan breathing down my neck, I'm fulfilling my part of the bargain.

But the question does remain ... well, let me put it this way ... Sore Ass was living within Hungary.  Now, Orban knew precisely what the creature [might be human, might be other worldly] was doing, what his agenda was.  How could SA just direct billions like that, flick of a switch, phone call?  How could Orban not simply take him out?  They're less particular in the east.

There was obviously a precedent back on Friday, 13 October 1307, here and here.  Easy to see how nations are ratcheted into debt economies and they are where fair exchange and minor profit goes bad.  What do you consider is a fair profit, given labour and overheads?  10%?  15% max?  Anything over that, e.g. people's credit cards, is sheer usury.

Alternative to free enterprise?  Well barter, obviously, selling wares directly.  But it's a fraught issue and the have nots and greedy very quickly succumb to narratives thieving from other people and giving it to them.  Look at the rampant corruption among nobodies in psrliaments and congresses.

Why does globo do it?  Kill off the middle class, enslave the productive class of course.  Destroy institutions, family, faith, health.

Coming back to Sore Ass, why has no sniper done the deed?  Protected, yes but think back to end of Casino Royale.  Bond got to Mr. White, everybody can be got to if wanted.  So why not?

It's a good question.  Is it being so utterly compromised that no one wants any of it at all coming out, no matter what?  Under no circumstances?  Dan Crenshaw?  Ted Cruz?  Who made what deals with whom?  What did Killery say if Trump were to get in?

There it is.  The very ex-Spetznaz who would take out a Sore Ass would lose the money conduit by so doing.  And maybe they know Sore-Ass is just the front [read The Thirty-Nine Steps or Passenger to Frankfurt], that it's the Families doing all this, from their High Eagle eyries.

There is one other speculative reason ... one only a metaphysical thinker would dare suggest ... these people are not human.  They cannot be 'taken out'.

Juss thoughts this morning in a lucid moment.

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