Saturday, January 15, 2022

Saturday [6 to 11]

Just past elevenses.

11.  Nowhere to hide

10.  Haiku

a.  Lots of interesting info here…Gotta love Clif….

b.  Canny Scot's at it again.....

9.  A thought

8.  Supply chain

7.  PD

a.  Trying every cover-up they think they can get away with.

b.  Weekly debrief with PatelPatriot and Jordan Sather. Discuss Pizzagate/Andrew/Fauci/Darpa [25 mins] Worth a listen imho.

c.  "A four part series that examine a “fail safe” option for saving the American Republic"

Haven't read all of it yet, just leaving the link in case others want to dive in.

6.  The platform wars

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  1. 10. More Clif from an interview earlier in the week.
    UFOs, fake whistleblowers, Earth's pole shifts....