Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Modern film, inc. Bond

Lord Somber's hard at it today:

Moving on now to my own thoughts on this, first the reason why I could not run the Critical Drinker - it was the revolting clips I was not remotely interested in.  What he had to say though was well thought out.

Essentially, what he was saying can be put down to:

#  Set up and payoff
#  Natural lead-ins to sub-plots
#  Logical story arc with no ridiculous holes

To that, I'd add:

#  Casting and investment in the storyline by the cast.

He concludes and I'd agree that it's far worse today.  More specifically - if you want cast members to be received in a certain way, then for a start, they need at least some sort of likeability for sympathy to be possible later, the seeds need sowing early such that, though he/she is X, Y, Z in character, actually, he/she is sympathetic to a point. 

Sorry about the next spoiler but I do not find tomorrow evening's main protagonist likeable in the least, at any time during the film.  Same goes with a 'modern' girl in today's bilge, the demi-female who's essentially up herself, self-entitled and whining.  Or else totally unrealistic in what she can physically do.

In short, they're not nice people and that's the whole cultural demise at fault.  As for the males - I see NO men in film any more.  None.  In an Oscar Wilde piece, then fine - have a feminised young man if you must, I don't wish to watch it.  But in an action thriller/adventure/mystery, please give us some men of moral strength.  I don't mean John Waynes, I mean those who see what needs doing, they take the lead and the female also surprises in what she can do [real women of the former type love men as a species for a start].

In the old films, I couldna stand when women were helpless maidens because that's not my experience of women I've known - they were quite capable, thank you very much, but they were also realistic in their abilities.  I can't see anyone, male or female, writing women well today - they're either gauche, wisecracking, skanky or kick-butt.  Being a lady is a lost art so it seems.  Being a man is also a lost art.

And that's why this new Bond flick is trash - Bond is emasculated and the main chick is a tart.  No thanks.  Tracy in OHMSS was feisty all right but she was not a tart.  As for diversity, don't even get me started.


  1. Watched "Tenet" (2020) last night. Refreshing, confusing (a heavy concept at a maddening pace) and a lot to chew on -- makes me want to watch it again sometime soon.
    To say it was "James Bond" meets "The Matrix" would sell all three too short.

    1. Funny (and fair) criticisms -- still, the "worst" of Nolan gives me food for thought, while the "best" of *today's* Bond is still brainless, yet tasty spectacle.