Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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16.  PhantomDigger

"Associations between solar and geomagnetic activity and peripheral white blood cells in the Normative Aging Study"

Now what?!

If the Klingons start attacking from the starboard bow I'm off to the funny farm.... voluntarily .... :)

15.  The Ammo dot com boys

We recently commissioned a data study of our sales that I believe would be of interest to you and your readers. You can check it out here:

Over the last 18 months, we've experienced a particularly charged election year, BLM protests amid calls to "defund the police," a contentious transfer of power, and most recently a surprise ban on popular Russian ammo.

These events in particular, set against the backdrop of the ongoing response to the pandemic, resulted in demand spikes.

14.  Rossa's mother

This is an analysis of the indictment of Sussman, all 27 pages long (for telling lies to the FBI... I don't think so) Apparently one count usually produces one piece of paper, not 27. The person analysing it has
been or is a Federal prosecutor so knows what he's talking about.  It's too long to read the whole thing but worth a skim perhaps. At least it gives an insight into how grand juries work and other matters, should be worth you having a gander:

13.  Tommy Tedesco, presented by his son

Time for my inner Philistine to come out.

Lord Somber was clearly issuing a challenge by sending one of The Wrecking Crew, whom even I know were les artistes sublimes, these guys were musos' musos.  One speaks of them with awe - hell, even I know that.   

It's an interesting situation being able to appreciate mastery across most fields, from football to guitar and yet not being able to 'feel' free form genius in the plucked string.  I feel it's present, I see musos swoon, I can understand all that.

The comments thread beneath the YT makes no bones about this guy being Da Man on guitar and who am I to disagree - those guys in comments are all musos, Somber's a muso, those guys can see the difficulty in some of the seamless blends, e.g. jazz into classical guitar - all those I can feel, see, hear, I see this fingers going at breakneck speed, plus I can hear the tonality.

There's just no harmony, dare I say melody to my ears.  But at the same time, I hear his son Denny loud and clear and the only thing I can do is post it straight away here and make some effort doing it.

To the memory of Tommy Tedesco.  The love from his son is special.


  1. Steve

    Planet Covid (Booster Edition):

    UK Funeral Director Talks Turkey with Max Igan: ‘Delta Variant’ Is Vaccine Injury, NHS Staff Know [VIDEO]


    Pfizer Admits Israel Is the Great COVID-19 Vaccine Experiment


    Common Sense About the “Vaccine”


    CDC Knows Children will be Damaged: Dr Artis


    Alexa What Will The Population Of The UK Be In 4 Years Time?


  2. House of Covid Cards Collapses

    Not just Dick involved in the electrician's case. Starmer was in the picture too. Not current but interesting.


    1. From the HighWire: Episode 233 - The VAERS Scandal

      The Covid19 Scam and Vaccines

  3. Steve

    Maricopa County:

    Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri on 2020 Election in Leaked Recording: “I Think It Was Done Through Dead People Voting. I Think It Was Multifaceted – Ballot Harvesting” (AUDIO)


    Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri In Leaked Recording on Fellow Supervisor: Hickman “Just Didn’t Have The Guts” – Lied To Stonewall A Real Audit


    Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri Caught in Leaked Recording: The Maricopa County Voting Machine Company Audit and Recount – “Was Pretty Bullshit By The Way” (AUDIO)


    Fulton County:

    VoterGA’s Garland Favorito Following Monday’s Hearing: “We Believe We Can Prove They Made False Statements in Court”


    “At Some Level He Must Know He Lost the Election” – Georgia’s Corrupt Secretary of State Raffensperger Responds to President Trump’s Statement Pointing Out 43,000 Invalid Georgia Ballots



    Braincell update:

    “Everybody Needs to Be Fired. The Entire Illegitimate Regime – They Need to Go” – Trump Spox Liz Harrington Goes Off as Biden Continues to Crash (VIDEO)