Tuesday, January 30, 2007

[davos] pity they can’t ski there much now

The peerless and inimitable Martin K, of prior blogging fame, has a long history of ‘outing woollyness’, for example by making a request under the Freedom of Information Act concerning some of Ed Balls' assorted Bilderberg anointings and has now come to the party with a nice one on Davos, by Anatole Kaletsky, himself an alleged two time Bilderberger.

Kaletsky, in the Times, says that Davos, usually concerning itself with globalisation, active demand management, financial deregulation and the addition of three billion new consumers and producers to the global capitalist system, [Their summum bonum], apparently was discussing other issues this year.

He said the new buzz words were the unquestionable reality of global warming; the threat of an all-embracing conflict in the Middle East on the scale of a world war; the protectionist backlash against globalisation; the seeming inevitability of nuclear proliferation to alarmingly unpredictable countries such as Iran and North Korea and the rise of India, China and Russia, not just as big economic forces but as challengers to the cultural and political hegemony of the United States. He adds the breakdown of nuclear non-proliferation globally and the demographic dwindling of Western democracies.

Given that the writer, by virtue of his alleged associations, is well aware of what's driving the things he's referring to here, this raises so many issues, it’s hard to know where to start in a little post of this nature. Given that the Eastern power is based on population and money derived from that and that the Western power is based on old money, also that hegemony is the name of the game at the same time as global governance, the world, therefore, finds itself in a very different war to that which the media has presented – the war of the West v Terrorism, so beloved of Bush and Blair. That is largely tosh.

In fact, all of that has been factored in and the only real issue now is whether the illumined global governance can accommodate the primaeval instinct of, say, China, for hegemony. It takes few brains to realize they’ve accepted the global future but they’d like to be in a pre-eminent position in it and that’s what all the current jockeying and the inevitable bloodshed down the track is all about.

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Wil Robinson said...

The scariest thing is that most Americans have no idea what the Bilderberg is.

Nor the Trilateral Commission. And while they might have heard of the Council on Foreign Relations, they have little idea of what such a think tank actually does.

Somehow power has to be moved from the hands of these few elite structures to larger citizen groups. Not sure how, though.

I think you hit it right on the nose - "current jockeying and the inevitable bloodshed down the track"

It seems that most of the world are simply pawns being used in a game of elite economic games. The UN may have been largely set up after WWII to establish a world order conducive to western economic growth...but as soon as that structure threatens western hegemony, it is splayed out and attacked as threatening sovereignty.

james higham said...

That's the thing, Wil. And the great bulk of the people, including my fellow bloggers, are getting tied down in what the Russians call 'myelech' - minor details of did Reid do this, did Bush say this?

There's enormous scepticism of the powers that be but it's of the old 'corruption type suspicion'. The things these people are really into no one will credit because it doesn't compute in the brain.

And people just don't want to know. Look at the comments on these types of posts I do and look at the number of the commetns on the others.

So how do you know and how do I know about these things? We simply patiently research, document by document. That's all.