Tuesday, January 30, 2007

[church and state] madness is rife in high places

I never thought I’d live to see the day when the elected head of a discredited government would be enacting legislation to force a church, whose authority ultimately derives from a global source, to officially condone that state’s vehement attempts to enforce, in its own society, what, for the church, is a perverted practice and an abomination.

The ultimate source of the church’s authority, namely G-d, once wiped out two cities for that very practice. Therefore it’s hardly likely that that the Christian church is going to knuckle under to a tin-god’s most earnest efforts to destroy society on behalf of his EU, therefore global, masters.

This is the ultimate madness of the illumined stance, which is based on time-dishonoured policies:

1] the automatic usage of coercion and comprehensive regulation in any policy it pursues;

2] the implementation of a vast, nefarious network of corrective facilities and practices to reinforce No. 1 and to suppress all dissent;

3] the reduction of humans to a condition of serfdom and abject misery, using the language of, and under the guise of, ‘enlightenment’;

4] the adoption of societal practices which are clearly proscribed in the scripture of three major religions, in an effort to reduce humanity to the level of the bestial [e.g. the chav];

5] the destruction of the family, property and inheritance, religion, flora and fauna and the ecological balance of the planet.

This agenda breaks out at intervals, e.g. in the French and Russian revolutions, in both world wars and in Kosovo, Sudan and so on, in weather modification and in ecological destruction.

The agenda is clearly mad, in the sense that denial of harmony is mad and it’s been aped in book after book and film after film. It’s ancient, it’s simple, it’s quite easy to trace its ultimate source and it’s all about the simultaneous rule of and destruction of the earth.

For a Christian, who basically has the script before him and knows what’s happening in the next scene, the bewilderment of the other sectors of society is frustrating, as it guarantees the very process which everyone’s writing of and railing against.

And by the way, you do know where this ‘prisons crisis’ and ‘paedos-at-large’ business is going? Clearly, as Wat Tyler says, transportation to Oz is no longer an option and as there are not enough places in the prisons, where do they go? Well, the worst of them, killers, paedos and so on, are early-released onto society and the ones the state dislikes are moved to special corrective ‘anti-terrorist’ facilities for a bit of the old water and electricity treatment [legally of course].

Is this blogger off his brain? Only time will tell.

Disclaimer: This blog makes no claims nor any statement vis a vis homosexuality. That's not its concern. This blog makes many claims and makes a strong statement about state coercion.

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