Wednesday, January 24, 2007

[wef] seeking solutions for that which attendees engendered

Concerns about global warming and resolving tensions in the Middle East are set to dominate the agenda of the World Economic Forum's annual meeting this week, with a lack of snow in the tiny mountain community of Davos a stark reminder of the warm weather.

About 2,500 business and political leaders are set to meet, beginning today, for the annual meeting of the minds to talk politics, economics and social issues in an atmosphere aimed at finding long-term solutions instead of quick fixes.

"We are getting huge demand from our members to place climate change and issues of environmental security at the very heart of the program of the World Economic Forum," said Dominic Waughray, head of environmental initiatives for the WEF.

Ha! Was there ever a more cynical exercise? Being integrally involved in the onset of both, within other fora, little wonder attendees are going to 'seek long-term solutions’. Dear, dear, tut, tut, they might as well say. What a terrible state of affairs we and those we've succeeded have collectively brought about since World War II.

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