Wednesday, January 03, 2007

[china] the scope of the threat [part 4]

In Parts 1, 2 and 3, the article basically looked at the Chinese mindset, their ability to uncritically obey, the hierarchical nature of their society, their fear of the US [for now] and their strategic moves.

All of which is over simplistic about a society of that size and complexity and still proves nothing. Any country is going to do these things for itself. Any country has an overdeveloped ego. Just look at the dangerous mindset with which France approached World War I Рwith the concept of élan which supposedly every Frenchman possesses which would allow him to prevail against two Germans.

So with the British. So with the Chinese. There’s been no major movement by land from China since Genghis Khan and for sure, if they’d wanted to and could keep Iran at bay or in alliance, not a lot could stop them sweeping through Kashmir – but to where? Why would they wish to anyway?

Why not take them at their word that they’re simply developing the west of their country economically, for GDP reasons? Why not look at their military manoeuvres as just that?

That’s how I felt until I spread my 5 foot by 3 foot German map of the world, appropriately entitled Der Welt and plotted the course of the silk road in detail. Now I’m not so sure. Plus I read a strange little book.

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