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3.  Not altogether sure what Andy’s doing over there

… but here are the text parts:

Overload of information, names, dates and places meant that I needed to look for some recent history. Here is something I found which will serve as a memory jogger for us in the know and a primer for those who are not:

Michael McFaul—US Ambassador to Russia, 2012–2014—wrote an op-ed in WaPo in 2004 where he asked, “Did Americans meddle in the internal affairs of Ukraine?” Then he answered it, “Yes.” Why did McFaul write the article? Because in 2004, Soros and other NGOs fomented the Orange Revolution in Ukraine.

US staged a Coup in Ukraine – Frontier Weekly

2.  DAD at NOWP

a) Against the RN, ‘La Croix’ magazine publishes a column signed by “6000 Christians” including Jean Raspail, Jawad Bendaoud, Jean-Michel Trogneux, etc. …but…

Jean Raspail, – author of “The Camp of Saints” – dead. 

Jawad Bendaoud – infamous Franco-Marrocian criminal. 

Jean-Michel Trogneux – Believed to be the real Mme. Macron. 

b) Raphaël Arnault, head of the small far-left group La Jeune Garde, which Gérald Darmanin [minister of the Interior] did not dissolve, is a candidate in the 1st constituency of Vaucluse, in Avignon. Aged 29, this close friend of Jean-Luc Mélenchon [extreme left] does not have one S file, but three. Three safety files issued by three different intelligence services: the DGSI, Territorial Intelligence and the DRPP and the Paris Police Prefecture. 

[Note – A S file is instituted on a person who is beloved to be a security risk.] 

c) More bollax from the EU. 

Two new projects have already been validated by the European Commission, at a cost of more than 300,000 euros, in order to “decolonize urban space” for Europeans.

Between 2024 and 2026, several European countries – including France – will host the “decolonization of our streets” project supervised by the European Commission via two recently validated projects. 

d) “The eyes have it”. 

When I was a child one of the nasty cries was, “Brown eyes, tell lies”. 

These brown eyes don’t lie, they say, “I hate you, Macron”. 

1.  Man from the West Country one

a.  Dr Ros Jones: The Chief Medical Officers made the decision to vaccinate children in the UK |

b.  More corruption? How Ofcom tried to suppress scientists’ warnings about vax dangers |

c.  Kansas AG sues Pfizer for “misleading Kansans on Covid vaccine,” alleging numerous counts of fraud |

d.  Experimental biosynthetic food to replace natural food is happening, now! |

e.  How Women Doctors Destroyed Healthcare in Britain |

f.  Australian Premier Creates Ministry In Charge Of ‘Changing Men’s Behavior’ |

g.  The Stark Contrast Between Trump And Biden |

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