Saturday, June 15, 2024

Saturday [1 to 4]

(0431) The strange starting ours are not an issue in my eyes as long as the total sleeping hours, in two halves, come out to basically a night’s sleep.  Looking out there, sky is bleah, natch. I’d like to look at items one by one for awhile, as there are questions asking themselves in each case. (0527)

4.  Globopsycho EU versus Europe

Why is it always non-comp clowns appointed? Why can Soros not be hit by snipers? (And one Toodles and I were discussing … has Biden been dead for two years?)

3.  Another disconnect, this time with IVF

You’ve been to supermarts where single mum brats do their thang, block the aisles etc. And the same-old same-old argument does not go away. The licentious left libertarian says she can do absolutely anything she likes, unfettered, while the antiWoke says there are children without fathers to consider in this, breakdown of sanctified marriage across society, plus the invaders, plus the penchant of Caucasian women (let’s call them) for burly black men, mainly for sexual reasons.

Meanwhile, what exactly is the soldier, sailor, airman laying down his life for? That sort of society?

As for the Christians (real ones I mean, not pointy hatted preachers or “choose the verses which support your perversion” types) … why are the churches burning, why are Christian bakers the subject of such lawfare? What on earth is the threat which Christians pose, such that they’re to be hounded down and expunged?

2.  Man from the West Country one

a.  Dr Dean Patterson: There could be as many as 50,000 people in the UK who have developed myocarditis post-vaccination |

b.  Deplorable Persecution of Covid Heroes by GMC continues |

c.  Macron Has Gambled… And Lost |

d.  Freemasons call for historic mobilization against the far-right of Marine Le Pen |

e.  Senior French politician excluded from his party HQ |

f.  Survey: Majority of French citizens believe rise in immigration and decline in public safety are connected |

g.  The Socialist Road to Destruction amid So-Called Good Intentions |

1.  Three items on the Falklands ’82

(Steve on) Liberation of the Falklands:

“Don't suppose anyone remembers but there was a 'blue on blue' during the war. Firefight between the SAS and SBS resulting in one death. Avoidable. The men from both units ended up on the same ship afterwards. You can imagine what happened. As for me I was talking to the lad who was killed just a couple months before in the Automat at RM Poole. There's a stone memorial to him on camp.”

JH: Right, top pic first … what do you notice sticking up there on that memorial? Plus the troops stand either side of it. Someone down there in the outlying region is traditionalist, no?

Now the other shot, plus Steve’s testimony … is Argentina not Catholic? So supposedly Christian too?  So obviously there’s a disconnect there between the brass above and troops below. The politicians.

And then the question of competence. I’ve already said I left for other fields of work as I was being fast-tracked for leadership and did not think my competence was good enough for the men below me at that stage … much better now but age is now the factor … our theatres were NI and Germany, not the Falklands.

Also … look at the demographics of those engineers.

And back to WW2:

Why on earth are these young men fighting and killing each other? On whose say-so? Christmas truce WW1.  What cultural background are the Germans?  Right … how about the Saxons?


  1. Bill
    Christianity is not a threat. The truth is the current Christians with a few exceptions do not stand up in their beliefs. They are pussies to use an Americanism so their beliefs and infrastructure are reduced to noise and rubble with impunity by all manner of actors.
    Life is underpinned by the threat of violent action being brought to bear on those who seek to oppress, suppress and destroy, on occasions that threat manifests into actual physical violence for no other reason to show the stupid the threat is truly backed by physical violence.

  2. If the DLI chap is a local he's more likely to be a Viking than a Saxon.

    1. JH: Especially if one of their homes was in Ugglebarnby or environs.

  3. Steve

    From Wiki:

    'Durham was founded in 995 by Anglo-Saxon monks seeking a place safe from Viking raids to house the relics of St Cuthbert.'


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