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(0707) Only resurfacing now, chaps and chapesses, fairly rested … cunning plan is MftWC, DAD and Housekeeping in this post. (0824) (0914) Saw Dgr’s note, am right in the middle of cooking and cleaning up around. Shall go there now.

6.  Housekeeping

This is about interpersonal relations in the west as it was, with a Christian underpinning to the mores, even if denizens were of other beliefs and cults.  When ours dominate in the society, which they don’t now … see churches burnt down, repurposed, reimagined … trouble comes, as sure as night follows day.  

See the societies which hordes are coming from … and to where are they headed? Yet watch Woke left idiots and their self-loathing … these are crimes against nature that these young people and even older have been made like this.

Now, man with man.  Providing both are actually proper men, we’re a bit gruff to be honest, we just touch base on some or other matter, we need do no more, nuff said. Two men who never take a backward step … there is nothing more stoopid than two such men fighting, we tend not to, we move on, with much caustic banter along the way. That’s how it’s done.

Man with gal is different. There must be a talking out period with a dynamic running it. It can’t be done as two men would, nor should it. The dynamic is far more gossamer thread, far more easily broken … it takes work. I’m not sure the men ever really understood or cared … if he’s quite pro-her, then he needs to adopt a bit of sensitivity, without becoming a wimp or SNAG.

But she also, if she’s going to be a prat, will get short shrift … and that’s what Nolla Girl, Melanie, Emily, Chistie O are about … no one gives other women stick better or more aggressively than other women. Let the gals take on other gals … they do it far better than we can.

Just been previewing this with Blonde and Devon someone:

The dynamic is full-on … an American male, maybe a bad boy, faced with a dreamgal, is going to significantly alter, behave himself far more. I’m always smiling when our men enter this tavern … they start to voluntarily curb what they’d say to a foe, say in public. That’s the old culture of respect.

Devon has that to a point but Rebecca, silly girl, does not. In her eyes, she’s “toughing it out” with a bad boy … sigh … and so she feels she has to swear to impress him. Far from impressing him, she comes over as cheap … she does not understand how he modified his manner for her. She thinks she’s part of the big bad boys’ club.

No way, kid. Coz if you do act tough, even slutty, men don’t like it. Now men have it a*** end round too if they imagine she’s this little demure shrinking violet and you’ll notice the gals we hobnob with are all as hard as nails with enemies, anyone threatening their children or man … but they also enjoy the windshadow of their men fronting the fight for them … that wasn’t well put but y’all know what’s being said.

That’s how relations should be … the mutual respect comes out of the dynamic. The thrill for the man is that this lovely finds him nice. The thrill for the lively lovely is that these men find they want her there and are edgy when she’s not.

Rebecca speaks in the vlog of two rainbow gays in a northern Idaho cafe and how nauseating they were to a redpilled gal. Devon listens and doesn’t cotton on immediately … we men can be slow on the uptake … a bit … hard to believe, really, that we could be thick at times … ☺️ … but there’s still a dynamic there between man and gal which is not in any other relationship.  

Provided everyone adheres to the code and doesn’t muscle in on another man’s woman.

One thing I didn’t like was how she ran a podcaster in a vlog. Vlogs are visual and audio/ podcasts are audio, blogs are neither … they’re words.  There are reasons, aren’t there … security reasons.  

Indeed, one step further than that is when the blog patrons do not know each other’s details, nor wish to. We don’t need to … our bona fides are in what we do, we stand or fall by that.

Rebecca does not understand that a podcaster should not have full half screen on vlog … also, who’s the target audience … other guys? What Devon says .., big deal, we can go to his site for that. We’re there for her and that’s that … he knows that himself. Rebecca needs to think all that through and I’m not sure she understands … mainly as she is a gal … and how.

Finally, the word “gal” … men and gals. 

“Man” is a word of respect, a loaded word in a gal’s eyes … it means she wants him to be a man, to act like one.  

As for men saying “gal” … that also stems from deep respect, as it buys into her own need to still be pretty and formidable, wanted, respected, as she … er … matures. 

“Woman” is a generic word … “gal” is a word of deep respect for the feminine psyche. Not “girl” but “gal” … much better word … anyone from five, say, to eighty-five, give or take.  The female species as a whole.

5. DAD at NOWP

a) Irish populists have been “excluded” from televised debates before the upcoming European Parliament elections, candidates running in the country have claimed.

Despite polls suggesting that a number of anti-mass migration candidates — including those with new party Independent Ireland — are in the running to be elected, neither the private Virgin Media Television nor publicly funded RTÉ have been willing to let populists on the airwaves.

This has provoked outrage from several senior candidates from across the country, who have accused Ireland’s media of acting in an unfair manner.

b) World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab has just announced that he is resigning as executive chairman of the globalist organization.

However, Schwab, who has led the organization since 1971, revealed that he is not leaving the WEF altogether.

He assured globalists that he will be moving to a non-executive chairman role, retaining significant control of the WEF’s agenda, for now at least.

c) Angry Dutch villagers who live cheek by jowl with thousands of migrants have welcomed the hard-line pledge of a new right-wing government to deport failed asylum seekers and temporarily close the country’s borders.

In recent elections the Party for Freedom, led by anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders, became the largest party in the Netherlands coalition government. It is determined to cut the migrant population and clear out asylum camps which have sprung up across the tiny nation.

But the plan has put them on a collision course with the EU which says they cannot form their own immigration policy – in a mirror reflection of the tensions which led to Britain’s own EU referendum, and ultimately Brexit.

d) Milwaukee reporter Kaylee Staral with TMJ4 was recording a follow up report on a shooting when she witnessed a hit and run in which a driver crashed into a parked car in which a 57-year-old was sitting. The driver of the instigating car exited the vehicle and fled on foot while the passenger struggled to get out of the car and appeared to be in substantial pain. 

4.  Man from the West Country one

a.  World Council for Health delivers Cease and Desist orders to World Health Organization over “criminal” Covid-19 actions |

b.  New Zealand Covid vaccine deaths: We have a deadly plague of serial killers in our midst |

c.  Woman who suffered an assortment of vaccine injuries during clinical trial sues AstraZeneca for Breach of Contract |

d.  UK “disinformation unit” spied on citizens and flagged online speech for removal during pandemic |

e.  “Democracy” European Union version |

f.  Election 2024: A Political Renaissance For America Or The Path To Totalitarianism |


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  2. 6. Picking up your comment about using gals rather than women. For years I have "skipped" mixed rinks in bowls. Whenever encouraging or congratulating the ladies I will use gal. Even if, or especially if they are my age or older. Not that I would ever dare to enquire. The ladies don't seem to mind, some actually become a little girlish. I always work on the assumption that ladies have a girl inside, bursting to get out.

    1. Obviously we judge as we go but yes … bringing out the inner gal is a nice thing in general. We tend to use boys for other fellas, gals use girls for themselves or whatever … it works itself out.


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