Sunday, May 26, 2024

Sunday [5 to 8]


8.  Earlyish roundup

7.  Consider these, not separately but together

6.  Kathie’s op ed for the week … excerpt

“To save us trouble one reader, ‘Budgie’, predicted the results of the July 4th General Election:

- more mass immigration
- more net zero 
- more surveillance 
- more attempts at regime change in other nations 
- more taxes 
- more money printing 
- more wheezes and boondoggles
- more restrictions and control 
- more government lying 
- less Brexit

Sounds accurate to me.”

5.  MftWC too

a.  Russian army launched 49 strikes, defeated Kiev forces in several directions past week: MOD |

b.  NATO, time has come to hit Russia hard. Putin entourage. Reuters floats freeze with Elensky gone - Alex Christoforou |

c.  Giving [The] Ukraine Missiles to Shoot Into Russia Is a Declaration of War |

d.  Nuclear escalation, Moscow on Zelensky, Swiss Talk, West vs China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia - Levan Gudadze |

e.  Russian army hit river crossing set up by Kiev forces in Kharkiv with LMUR missile (Vidoes) |

f.  Putin & Lukashenko prepare for NATO escalation - The Duran |

g.  US favors more escalation in [The] Ukraine, Gaza |

h.  Russia Advances Chasov Yar, Takes Villages; Jams Starlink, HIMARS; West Escalates, Armavir, Russian Assets - Alexander Mercouris |

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