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(1730) Evening all. (2022) Really pegging out now.

23.  Scamming Nigerians

Rather funny really … IYE across the way.

22.  Baseless hatred, baseless love

This is the first time I’ve seen this construct:


As the Talmud itself points out, baseless hatred was rampant during the First Temple period as well. So why is this not given as the reason for the destruction? One explanation given is that the baseless hatred during the First Temple was primarily expressed by the leaders of the time, not the common folk. Others, however, explain that although there was indeed disunity and hatred, just not to the same extent as during the Second Temple period. Had there been unity, the First Temple would not have been destroyed, even with the cardinal sins committed between man and G‑d. For as we’ve seen from other periods of history, even if there were many sins that were committed between man and G‑d, as long as there was still unity between the people themselves, G‑d stayed His wrath.

Also interesting:

Elsewhere in the Talmud, we are given reasons why “Jerusalem was destroyed,” which, according to commentaries, also includes the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.6 Based on this, one reason why the Second Temple was destroyed was that “they established their rulings on the basis of Torah law and did not go beyond the letter of the law.”

If we remember the constant criticism of the keepers of the law by Jesus as “whited sepulchres”, also that the shabat was made for man, not the other way, then we get a similar thing in The Merchant of Venice. Yet I can see the left saying … there you are, forgive everything, inc. “student debt” which is the opposite extreme.

This is also in the mania to bring down Trump right now.

One interpretation of it all is that they turned to man’s interpretation of the Covenant, rather than the Covenant itself.

Put all that with IYE’s post across the way and it sure is food for thought.

21.  IYE and the Schofield bible

Best read and watched in situ across the way.

20.  More coincidence

… and I think maybe it is this time. A new one from the gal Melanie eviscerating yet another pair of white, middle class 5304 from Kentucky:

Colour does play a role here … first of all with Melanie … she has no reason to cover up for these two 5304 as the white pundit named Courtney does, excusing modern women on some things whilst picking them up on others.

These two mothers, both with children, went to the Bahamas for a “girls trip”.  They arrived at the resort at 8 a.m. and by 10.30 a.m. were both being “blacked”.  They then cried rape and, back in America, sued the cruise company, who happened to have copious CCTV.

These two horrors then resorted to the waterworks.

Now, I’m going to leave that actual issue as a whole and concentrate on one aspect … numbers, percentages … the actual percentage of “modern” women willing to do such things .. any numbers are going to be unreliable … the percentage depending on protecting feminists versus someone like Melanie or MGTOW men going for the jugular.

As we are well aware, looking at the deathcult’s and black crimes against indigenous persons, esp. female … even if it’s only the same 100 miscreants in the entire land and the other ten million would not … or even if a majority of those two demographics actually would … the fact that it is that sub-demographic of males every time has a marked effect on us, esp. as Woke companies push them ad nauseam in adverts. Let alone the govt jackboot on whomever is calling it out.

The predictable feminist respinse is to point to homegrown rapists and yes … the new male today is either wimpy demi-male beta or feckless aggressive … there was, about two years ago, that girl crying rape on some young white picking her up outside a nightclub. He surprisingly got off because she had left home at 1 a.m. and had gone to the town centre in order to be picked up. Tipsy.

He and his mates took her to a hotel and took turns.  Next day, nothing, day after she cried rape. There you are, say the feminists … not deathcult or black at all.

That’s the point one looks at females themselves and how they got this way.  And what percentage. And what the parents are doing.  If the home has a father, that is.

And this is Melanie King’s point in one. I don’t disagree but I do think, all the same, that those hotel room yoofs were still leaving themselves wide open, esp. today.

Back to these females in the Bahamas, it’s not just Millennials and Zoomers, is it?  1944:

The question still remains … what % of females are faithless by nature?

19.  IYE has reposted a tweet by Mollie’s Mama

… about a remarkable coincidence concerning Megs and the number 43, as in %.

… or at NOWP.

IYP also looks at Darnella Frazier and another set of coincidences:

JH: The trouble with the 11 day before footage was it was a police officer kneeling on a large dog in a similar way, which suggests to me it was one of the police tactics with the unruly … but did it give this Ms Frazier ideas too? Did she discuss it with Floyd? Did someone?  Did he take a dive as they do on the football field?

The quite coordinated response on every news outlet, the coordinated protests … more coincidence?

18.  Ian J

Have been doing some tidying up here and came across this site I haven't visited for some time - saw an interesting article (a bit long and I've paused halfway) with some interesting arguments:

17.  Steve

Steve Bannon: Lying Tories betrayed Britain, World War 3 & how to destroy the Left (1:04:52) - GB News America (for the initial 5mins 30secs crank the volume up).

Aired May 24, 2024

Steve Bannon's fiery criticism of conservatives who "don't have the balls" to take action and fight is evident throughout his interview with GB News America's Steven Edginton. Bannon warns of the dangers of a third world war with the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel, and urges conservatives to "take action" and defeat the woke Left. The former advisor to President Trump also urges Nigel Farage not to stand in the upcoming UK election and accuses Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak of betraying their conservative voters. Bannon says the assassination of JFK was one of the most important events of the 20th century, describes Lyndon Johnson as a "demon" and discusses lessons from Russian revolutionary Lenin.

16.  The TPA 

... email newsletters but provide no urls.  Excerpt from today's:

It’s not just the polls that might be keeping the prime minister up at night. Historical precedent is not exactly on his side. A recent TPA briefing note looking at how governments which raise or cut the tax burden during a parliament then perform in elections will not make for pretty reading with the current administration firmly in the former camp. Perhaps unsurprisingly, on average, governments which won reelection cut the tax burden. This Conservative government is on course to raise the tax burden to an 80 year high


  1. MftWC 1

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    More lies and stats fiddles prove yet again that you are presently governed by two-faced criminals who cannot be trusted |

    The Pandemic Treaty Will Compound Past Mistakes |

    New human vaccines are already developed and stockpiled for a pandemic flu that doesn’t even exist yet |

    Corporate media is ramping up the fear about bird flu ahead of the vote on WHO’s pandemic plans |

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  2. MftWC 2

    Military situation on Ukrainian frontlines on May 25, 2024 (Map Update) |

    Trump, No CBDC. Drone hits Russia nuclear radar. $320M pier breaks. Elensky, victim dictates terms - Alex Christoforou |

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  3. Have just read this incredibly arrogant article on RT. From a university don? in Africa, who should know better, but instead pushes the dependency case.
    Doesn't he realise that education in the UK started out as teaching the 3Rs so that people could be more productive in a technical world, and that to 'better' themselves, ordinary people went to evening classes to learn skills to help in their employment. There were many who took day-release classes at Technical Colleges for the same reason - often taught by people working at the same jobs - all to improve their lot.
    This seems to have disappeared in the 21st century, but judging from this article, it has never occured to the Africans to help themselves out of their 'poverty'
    Always, it seems to be 'Gimme this, I Want this done for me", rather than 'How can I do this?' and then they complain that what they get isn't relevant!

    Apologies for the length of the quotes, but when the author is full of educational 'jargon', what is there to expect? he even seems to answer his own question, but doesn't seem to recognise that he is part of the problem!

    "Africa Day is also about reflecting on education in Africa. From the AU website, the 2024 theme is “Educate an African fit for the 21st Century: Building resilient education systems for increased access to inclusive, lifelong, and relevant learning in Africa.” This theme is timely but aberrant. The centrality of education to Africa’s prosperity and standing cannot be overemphasized. I wonder, however, what is so special about the 21st century that could have excused lack of investment in mass education before to ensure inclusivity and social cohesion. The preparation of the so-called African fit for the 21st century should have started soon after independence." E
    "It is of concern that after 60 years of independence, for some African countries, education remains colonial thus irrelevant to Africa’s peculiar needs. It thus worsens inequalities and poverty since properly equipped schools are beyond the reach of the majority of people. The irony is that education, which is supposed to reduce poverty and inequalities, accentuates these very problems, becoming a catalyst for conflicts and instability in Africa. Contempt for indigenous knowledge systems and valorization of foreign cultures is normative among Africa’s elite, who regard patronizing Western education systems and upholding Eurocentricity a marker of excellence and sophistication."
    "Africa is yet to establish empowering education. Empowerment here refers to education that restores Africans’ self-confidence eroded by years of subjugation and humiliation under colonialism and imperialism. As such, Africa continues to struggle in manufacturing, trade, technology, and innovation since this borrowed education does not nurture critical thinking and most importantly is not anchored in Africa’s cultures and epistemologies. Thus, education in Africa reproduces an ontologically dislocated being only fit for mimicry."

  4. MftWC 3

    “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” – Trump Brings Down the House at Libertarian Convention Promising to Save America from the “Evil Doctrine” of Marxism (Video) |

    The Fix Is In: Joe Biden to Address Trump’s Manhattan Verdict From White House after Jury Delivers Verdict |

    President Trump at Libertarian National Convention 2024: “Unlike Joe Biden, I Don’t Throw People in Jail for Disagreeing With Me” (Video) |

    Democrat Senator Blumenthal Says He is “Deeply Disturbed” Trump Has Succeeded in Slow-Walking Biden Regime’s Lawfare Cases (Video) |

    Liberal-Controlled NBC Says The George Floyd Effect Is Coming to An End |

    Repeat of 2020? Joe Biden on Anniversary of George Floyd’s Death Calls on His Far-Left Supporters to “Act in His Memory” |

  5. MftWC 4

    Senator Demands Answers After Superintendent of Denali National Park Brooke Merrell Tells Construction Workers to Remove US Flag from Equipment – It “Detracts” from Park Experience |

    Texas DPS Footage Shows Smugglers and Illegals Scaling Border Wall in New Mexico, Throwing Rocks, Bottles, Dirt at Border Patrol Agents (Video) |

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    F-35 Sustainment Challenges for the US Taxpayer |

    The real reason why US and French troops have been in Niger for Years |

    Billy Price, Former Cincinnati Bengals First Round Pick, Announces Retirement at 29 Due to “Terrifying” Blood Clot |


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