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9.  Dgr

Just adding that the "ism" division is being engineered in the dark recesses of Them's camp and the exited royals and their entourage are Them's useful idiots to further it.

This won't be to everyone's taste however, Nancy does good research. These two girls are in the "Harry bad William good" camp. I've cut them some slack on that due to their age. And they can be a bit shrill! Nevertheless there's some good info on H&M's pet photographer and his fomenting of "ism" in the UK.

Start 4 mins in and hopefully you'll get my drift.

8.  Not running the video footage below

… you can get the idea from the thumbnails:

Interestingly, whilst the new modern hoe is now starting to be roundly escoriated … and not liking it one bit … the new downtrodden … the white male … is increasingly being let off the hook for his own behaviour.

So it’s my self-appointed job to call out the feckless male with everything from Only Fans to hook up culture to get his rocks off with and to ask the question … how to stop this happening? 

With hoes so easily available and yet kidding themselves they’re modern women of style and substance, of value … 10s in fact … even if they are 3s and 4s and meet The Wall after 35 years of age … it’s still a long while until they start saying no, as a cultural demographic, to the feckless male and start developing some decency, whatever the bodycount up to this point.

In fact, the only way this can stop is to take out all professors, heads and tchrs from education, start training the kids who will be the new parents, those parents then start bringing up their own chn right, by which time we ourselves have passed on.

Yuri spoke of it all quite accurately in 1984.

7.  Some more items of varying interest

He’s not referring to Putin there, methinks.


  1. NO, the other NO. That made me think of Flanders and Swann. I'm a gnu, a gnother gnu.

  2. So airline passengers were (apparently?) happy to be weighed nearly a century ago, but any suggestion of reintroducing this eminently sensible procedure now would be met with howls of protest. And yet nothing has changed, as far as the basic principles of aviation go, except modern planes have more powerful engines. But they still come up against the well known "Hot & High" conundrum, and occasionally a trade off between passenger, freight & fuel loads at the airport in question have to be made.

    * But one thing which HAS changed is the average weight of passengers...


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