Friday, May 24, 2024

Engine oil

64 subscription cannels have I on youtube and only one person has produced a new video to keep this timeslot going (of course it’s not their sole purpose … but … never mind).

Just how relevant oils in Masdas are to you this Friday … I can only guess … but I looked at it and there was some interesting data along the way …

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  1. Far more engine wear and damage is caused by stop-start (town) driving than running at high speeds. The former frequently doesn't get the oil hot enough to boil out any condensation and neat fuel deposited during warm up. That's why buying a "One Owner, Low Mileage" car is not necessarily a good idea - an ex fleet vehicle with 100,000+ miles on the clock will have spent most of its time on motorways, and will usually have been regularly serviced. In any case, modern engines (and we know the Japanese are masters of high quality engineering), as well as their lubricants, are made of much better materials than they were 50 odd years ago, when I started thrashing mother's Mk1 Mini around ...


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