Friday, April 19, 2024

The lesser sung and unsung

After the unsuccessful attempt to bring gals I know to this slot, back to those I don’t know, except to admire from a distance … quite a collection today, requiring some hints from me perhaps.

First will be near impossible for a non-American to spot … was a jazz singer, so not unsung from that point of view, quite perky, a sweetie, often on TV with George someoneorother.

Many Brits of a certain age have a soft spot for the second below, along with Annette Andre … those should be sufficient hints … for Americans, think Saint and SF.

Third is more difficult, being sister to a star, more than a neighbour to sis, in fact sis probably thought of her: “I should be so lucky … lucky lucky lucky.”

Last but certainly not least … not sure if she thinks she’s Too Beautiful for You, boys, she never said, might even fall for you and then she’d be For Your Eyes Only.


  1. Stella Parton. she sure put cfr peanut prez’ brother in his place back when.

    1. Hmmmm, n1 was known professionally as Perky P**** K***, big in the mid 50s.

  2. No 3 is Danni Minogue, I believe. Not really a neighbour, but equally at ease both home and away.

  3. And shirley, No 4 is the beautiful, or is that bouquetful, Carole Bouquet?


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