Friday, April 19, 2024

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14.  DAD at NOWP

It is I; Le Papa. 

a) With the much anticipated Summer Olympic Games fast approaching, and with Macron’s deeply unpopular government scrambling both to ensure the security of international guests and conceal Paris’s visible degeneration, new crime figures show the capital city in a less-than-favorable light and call into question authorities’ ability to keep women safe.

The figures, recorded by Paris Police Headquarters, revealed that 77% of rape cases in the capital solved in 2023 had been committed by perpetrators who do not hold French passports, with the majority of sexual crimes transpiring in and around tourist areas like Champs de Mars—soon to be packed with visitors to the games.

b) The U.S. has responded to the UK High Court’s request for “satisfactory assurances” that Julian Assange will be able to rely on First Amendment free speech rights and that he won’t be subject to the death penalty if he is extradited.

Washington’s assurance letter has done little to comfort supporters of the WikiLeaks founder, who is wanted for releasing information that the U.S. would much rather have been kept under wraps. 

c) Peter Murrell, the husband of former head of the Scottish government, Nicola Sturgeon, has been charged in connection with the embezzlement of Scottish National Party funds. 

13.  Some more

12.  Don’t know about you but I’m crazy for rosemary

Honestly, life would be so bland without herb pairings:

Everyone uses basil, quite rightly too … oregano for more tomato based dishes … not crazy for sage, prefer rosemary … dill is nice, bay leaf … not crazy for coriander.


  1. Water pollution, who or what else can we blame it on? This quote copied from an article on the BBBC website shows their desperation.

    Off-road motorcyclists and mountain bikers are unwittingly polluting drinking water, a water company has said.

    South East Water said mud from trails created on its land near Pembury in Kent is finding its way into a nearby reservoir.

  2. Steve

    War Room snippets...

    MTG Blasts Uniparty’s Support For [The] Ukraine: “What The Government is Doing to The People is Treason” |

    Rep. Chip Roy: "They're Gonna Package This All Together And Jam It Through The Senate" |


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