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(0530) Morning all … whether tis good or not remains to be seen. (0623)

3.  DAD at NOWP

As it is Sunday, I have decided not to publish crime and evil happenings today. 

Remains of a Roman Temple found at Toul (NE France)

400 kg is the weight of this imposing and important piece that INRAP archaeologists discovered while working on the Toul heat network, near Nancy. This is a piece of a temple dating from Roman times. A discovery described as “remarkable”.

It was during work on the city heat network of Toul (Meurthe-et-Moselle) that archaeologists from INRAP (National Institute of Preventive Archaeological Research) made a discovery described as “remarkable”. “This is a major building from the Roman era, a magnificently decorated temple, recalling the splendour of the Maison Carrée in Nîmes. 

This discovery offers a valuable insight into the history and importance of Toul in Roman antiquity,” enthuses the city in a press release published on April 18, 2004. 

2.  Some sort of Sunday op-ed

… thankfully not cyber-issue related just now.

a.  Cloud cover … yesterday I was downstairs, outside for awhile, could see maybe 150 degrees vertically in the sky from one horizon, through the arc, to the other. It was total cover at low level, white infused at points with grey and it was “quilted” in small bulges.  That is … it was not a mass of cumulus here, a streak of cirus there … it was a uniform quilting covering the entire sky.

That, dear reader, ain’t “normal”, no way known.  I’d written, earlier, of the sun as a fiery ball over in the east … it was higher now, maybe by 20 degrees, a pale glow behind this quilted cloud.

b.  One reason biographies clash … perspectives on the person, yes, but also the way that person develops, that Damascene moment perhaps but for most, a more gradual change. 

It certainly happened with me but my Damascene was maybe too early at 12 years, so I kept on being a right spotty herbert long after, even into student radical days and beyond. Employment of the permanent and gainful kind made barely a dent (dint?) but higher responsibility did. Plus WN1.

With pollies of the “set for statesmanship” kind, esp. in his own head … as he sees greatness beckoning, some sort of nobility (in his own head) settles upon him, manifest destiny … and we had JFK yesterday … don’t disagree with DM on that and then it becomes blurred on JFK, the historical record (the real one) becomes far less discernible, all sorts of theatrics are involved, so much only comes out, say, in the early 2000s, before being expunged. 

Digger (in an early manifestation) had an article about that day never happening, that maybe he was under the Appalachians or under Denver … Svali referred to that … and don’t forget false Qs sent in to troll.  

There’s a bill associated with JFK in 63 on silver standard … or was that Lincoln?) … either way, it was a big’un.  Lincoln, JFK, Trump, all went rogue, deviated from the script at some point. Wilson in 1910-13 though was just a weak tool … the Warburg rep was globopsycho’s man on the spot. In the WH, it was Col. House. Later, Kissinger and Cheney were the ones. Over here, Osborne was the chosen midwit, currently it’s Pigboy and Hunt.  The minders.  All this has been blogged on at manifestations of N.O. over the years.

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  1. "the Maison Carrée in Nîmes": if that was the one we visited then I can tell you that the front steps are amazingly steep. The Romans must have been fit as fiddles.


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