Saturday, April 20, 2024

Saturday [11 onwards]

(1734) Evening all.

16.  What is wrong with these people’s brains?

15.  A tale of today

Nowhere near the world importance of 16 and 14 above and below but it’s still worth noting. Going to describe each of the people I met today … plus one coming back in three months, plus some online … each was a type … some good, some not so good. The order in which I list them was genuinely the order in which I met, anticipated or saw them online.

a.  The regular guy

The Amazon driver … typical confident Brit of a certain age … as you seem to be too, reading this … would not suffer fools but effective, delivered on time, with cheery smile and some banter, physically sufficiently strong. Just an all round easy encounter … what more is there to say?

b.  The young spivvy alpha

Everything under control in his head, makes many errors, covers them, always some razzle-dazzle scheme, fast, never telegraphs his moves. Knows everything.

c.  The Hermes/Evri driver

A lady this time, a bit late as she’s a chatty gal, instant connection with me and vice-versa, and even though the wrong colour was sent, no matter as she was a lovely lass, not her fault … maybe carrying a few extra lbs … all the better I say … called me love, apparently doing this job for awhile as the regular useless young  *@#*&#* had too many complaints against him.

d.  The young spivvy alpha

Returning in awhile for some strange corporate reason, total smart a**e, knows all the tricks … his fave being he knows how to buzz the buzzer in a way where it buzzes but no conversation is possible, so he just leaves the package right there and scarpers, someone walking by takes it. I’ll come back to this clown.

e.  Stupid climate wimmin dressed in red in America

One braincell between em, typical Woke left, nuff’s been said.

f.  Anna Paulina Luna

Daughter of America and yet look at her name and bkgd … brave gal, not enough superlatives.

Well obviously, dear reader, a, c and f are fine people, not perfect, no doubt have their moments, doing the best they can but let me now refine my take on confident men:

To my mind, there are two types of confident men … firstly alphas, total smarta**es, total waste of time and space in my eyes … in fact, if one of em tries it on, he’ll get headbutted. Total bores, these clowns.

Then there’s the capable type by his lights, the sigma, the family man who takes care of business … defends, opens doors for ladies, keeps to himself apart from that, sense of humour. Think we all like guys like that … no fuss, no fanfare.

Put him together with that Hermes lady today and there’s all we need in society.  All I can say is get procreating, chaps and chapesses.

14.  Plus

13.  Meanwhile

12.  Sometimes it gets too difficult to follow

That seems fairly clear and yet what on earth was this?

11.  Steve

War Room snippets...

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b.  Russ Vought: "These Members Ultimately Believe That This Should Be An Endless War" |


  1. FoS:
    #13 Am I late to the party here? Wasn't a world famous Austrian painter born on 20.04? Or perhaps that is what is implied.

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