Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Tuesday [9 to 11]


11.  Quick look at Twitter

10.  Ripper’s drop in another place

… raises an interesting question … how to disseminate. My thoughts on that were don’t. Don’t peer above the parapet because the chances of head blown off are high. So instead, we just gather and the most awkward bits are found unheralded.

Part of my hopes is that readers turn into critical ferreters and gradually develop the skills sets or at least tweak those they already possess. There’s one of Andy’s one of Ripper’s right now and they do need to be seen.

9.  TCW

Now this is good from Kathy … very, very good. 

Christians have had a very bad rap … real ones I mean, like Kathy, the quiet believers, mainly for various reasons, imho:

The other side has wormed it’s way into every hierarchical position and the worst of the worst have caused wars, schisms, torture and murders, pogroms, over abstruse theological technicalities, when the originator Himself never bothered with such things.  

Beware fanatics.

And some of the very worst were roaming the west in the 1770s, before and after, inventing this Royal Society of Atheists, among other institutions … always look out for Sir Soneone or Other, the Immortelles of the Science Cult.

In fact, it got so bad and people did nothing about these clowns, as they carried out their agenda, same agenda as Weishaupt and his Illumined Masons (though he himself was the fallguy).  They hijacked science … real science which I for one am a huge supporter of … empirical science at STP … and went off on this Higgs boson, Bulls of Bashan bollox … the normies of each age awestruck by the erudition of these august clowns.

Science could only ever be Science at the behest of and within the framing of these clowns … just as with the IPCC today.

And defenders of the spiritual side? The only ones allowed on TV are equally clowns … so whom do they debate?  Monty Python.  Do you see anything the teensiest bit untoward in this?

Real believers are not bombastic shouters like dog-collared pointy hatters, they’re more likely to be manning or womanning the soup kitchens.

Plus that series of books most people cherry pick from to suit their agendas … were you to properly study all of it, from the Koine Greek fwd and back, a quite different picture emerges than the one painted by the shouters.

But people in general have neither the time nor inclination.

This is why, when major players in the secular net actually come out with something jarring, as Kathy does this morning, it’s … er … jarring.

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  1. #11: you can blame allergies on anything else that has increased, or is claimed to have increased, over the same period. Vaccinations, global warming, ... Personally I blame it on the decline of smoking: passive smoking improved babies' immune systems in a way that doesn't happen any more.


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