Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Tuesday [12]

Afternoon all.

12.  An interesting explanation

For the most part, I don’t run this young Scot for a few reasons:

a.  There seems little point with a large number of readers dyed-in-the-wool atheist, closed to any argument.

b.  He’s also not speaking to those for whom “science” is authoritative and the end of the story. He’s speaking to those already on the inside but who still have many questions, as they should have.

c.  As mentioned in an earlier post, a flawed, piecemeal reading can leave us without some key  points in the argument … an example being Jeremiah. I don’t think I’ve ever read it and yet the young Scot can go straight to J 31:31-35 and there is the theological basis for Christianity right there. In the OT.

d.  I’m also uneasy with the modern version of scripture he uses, whereas I trust KJV mostly. However, I looked the verses up as he displayed them and then KJV and they were pretty much the same.  Yet he does join dots at times on the basis of his reading of the modern version.

Having said the above, why am I running this today? Well, it appeared suddenly on YT, I looked and thought the argument not bad. There’s a bit of Mandy Rice Davies “well he would say that” but all the same, I’d not seen this argument in quite this way before.

As for pork and shellfish, I’ve never liked the latter and I’ve gone off the former, same reasons as in ancient times … makes me wonder if I’m Jewish … think not. It’s just personal taste.


  1. Excellent video and well explained. I will look for more of his stuff.

  2. The best explanation I've ever come across for the ancient, or purportedly ancient, Hebrew food taboos recorded in the OT was given by Spinoza.

    When did the ancient Hebrews actually begin living according to the OT's laws? Here's an interesting answer: he doesn't think the ancient Hebrews did.

  3. I am disgusted with the arrogance of the so-called 'elites' in charge of the UK. From their very safe positions (and at no cost to themselves), by providing weaponry and training (if not covert operatives), they encourage the 'clown' zelensky to drive the Ukrainian people into suicidal actions, then ask for our support when the inevitable refugees seek help (at least these are in need, unlike the 'boat people'. This after several years when they have been doing what they can to kill us off via a fake 'pandemic' or by trashing the NHS so we no longer get proper treatment.
    I thought one responsibilty of gov't was to be diplomatic with other countries, but in the case of Russia, ours is showing how readily they obey their WEF/US bosses by pushing the world closer to WW3:



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