Monday, May 29, 2023

Monday [15 till close of play around 2300]

(1537) Quiz tomorrow evening around 1630, not up to compiling it this evening. 

(1647) Cunning plan is that this here will be a liveblogging post into the night, every intention of adding to it. 

However, at 1800 this evening, am going to interrupt with some very interesting little vignettes indeed … not just the music but the passing parade of people as well is interesting.

At 1600 or so tomorrow, there will be three quite strange pieces within the classical field, think you might be quietly fascinated. Anyway, that’s the current plan.

24.  Memorial Day

23.  Yes

22.  Andy, sometimes it’s necessary

… to appear to ignore, in order to preserve. Just been watching.

21.  Isilme

Photographed these chemtrails at about 0800 this morning and then saw your comment..... Yep, they've been busy here in N. Yorkshire!

In the first photo ('chem 1') if you look carefully, you can see two parallel trails at the top of the photo, coming from the top right corner towards the cloudy patch on the left. We could see the two planes forming those, flying side by side but they don't really show in the photo.  And I'm pretty sure that planes on an ordinary flight path don't take off together and fly parallel....

With the naked eye we could see those two planes flew together the same distance apart doing several curves and turns (they didn't turn out on the photo so I cropped it).


20.  Your answer?

How many seconds?

19.  The waitrose experience

18.  Lord T with a warning

16.  Merkel Obama

15.  Steve

More from TCW:

Is it time to put a brake on technology?

and by golly TDS:

Is BBC Verify Britain’s Answer to the Disinformation Governance Board?


  1. 20 - 17. Didn't count the seconds.

  2. Replies
    1. Actually James, you taught me, a while ago on this blog. Always been useless with maths and could never solve one of these until you described the order to do it in. Just showing that I remember what people teach me.

    2. BODMAS comes to mind.

  3. I found this on utub, it goes into some detail about the historicity of one of the world's major religions.

  4. Evets 1

    1,063 C19 deaths over the last week and 205,000 new C19 cases (up from 87,000 the week before). More than 35,000 C19 injection deaths on VAERS amongst 1.56 million "events"

    The Deagel Report Is Coming Closer to Reality As the Planned Destruction of the United States Is Right on Schedule

    Washington Doctor Facing Probe For Criticizing C-19 Policies Wins Emergency Injunction

    The Amish Rejected Covid Vaccines, Lockdowns and Masks. The Result? 30X Less Deaths

    Synthetic biology aims to replace natural life forms with something that is man-made

    A Thought About Memorial Day

    She didn't get the memo..

  5. Evets 2

    Military situation in Donbass on May 29, 2023 (Map Update)

    Erdogan Wins Election, West Dismayed; Huge Rus Missile/Drone Strike, Ukraine Offensive Doubt

    US State Dept Gonzalo. Lindsey, Kiev video cut & paste. Erdogan wins. Athens Mayor S-300 to Ukraine? U/1

    The Russian Reconnaissance Fire Complex comes of age

    The Ukrainian Air Force Formed A New Strike Squadron—By Arming Reconnaissance Bombers With British Cruise Missiles

    1. Steve, a heads up for you - anything from David Axe can be taken with a truck load of salt. The man is a habitual liar that knows less than zero about anything military. There is a grain of truth in that the ukes are trying to adapt the missile to the plane but its no big deal, a few have been fired off already and been destroyed by Russian air defences. And Forbes are just as bad. Pure propagandists.

    2. Steve

      Both were Moon of Alabama links that I didn't read as he's normally a good source that I've been following, on and off, for years now.

    3. Yes I visit MOA now and again and as you say he's a good source. It was Andrei Martyanov that exposed David Axe as a fraud. I guess that the MOA was dissing the Axe article.

      I'm following this very closely, its far more important than people generally think. Intel Slava Z and Slavyangrad on Telegram are good sources, they tend to exaggerate a bit on the Russian side, but overall are honest. They get loads of articles from other good sources too, such as Donbass Debushka and John Mark Dougan.

  6. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.
    IAP on the worst crooks of all in the UK gov't:

  7. Evets 3

    Maricopa County Elections Officials Illegally Break into Sealed Election Machines after they were Certified and Before the Election – Inserting Reprogrammed Memory Cards (new video)

    New Records from FBI Vault Reveal FBI Is Unable To Find Out Who Is Behind QAnon

    “The Russians are Dying. It’s the Best Money We Ever Spent” – Lindsey Graham Cheers the Ukrainian Killing Fields in Meeting with Zelensky (Video)

    Russia Issues “Arrest Warrant” For Senator Lindsey Graham

    Jane Fonda Blames White Men For Climate Crisis, Calls For Them to be Arrested and Jailed

  8. Evets 4

    Happy Memorial Day 2023

    Google Receives Backlash After Its Homepage Lacks Adequate Effort to Properly Honor Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day

    Kohl’s Is Selling Transgender Themed Clothing For 3 Month Old Babies

    US Biggest Children’s Hospital Will No Longer Offer Hormone Therapy and Other Transgender Care for Minors

    ‘Boycott Target’ Song By Pro-Trump Rap Group Hits #2 on iTunes Rap and Hip-Hop Chart


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