Monday, May 29, 2023

British and US Army gals on US Memorial Day

Never realised how political this was going to become ... trying to find good pictures of British and US Army gals ... probably should have realised. Everything connected with them, even using the word 'gals', is potentially fraught. More at the fooot of the post.

First, thanks to the Wail for two pics. 

Second, look at how their jackets button ... like a man's, left over right. Yet in the top pic, hard to see but it looks as if it's the trad girl right over left. 

Third, I decided not to run an order of pics because ggl takes not a blind bit of notice as a rule when loading ... they can appear in any order. This above was unfortunate because it's their Memorial Day, not ours but I did not wish to go through it all again ... they'd taken much enhancing to get that far!

Fourth, with the US girls, there were so many in their forces not American ... maybe they're loyal to the US, who knows ... I became briefly entangled with one of these not long ago, as Toodles knows. Toodles, by the way, is not just American, she's a dyed-in-the-wool Southerner ... I've seen her in antebelum massive dress.

Fifth, with the Brit gals, they were mainly of our stock (including all home countries in this) but there were multiple issues all the same.

(i) One pic was a Wail photo of some girl passing "the men's physical test" and as such, can now "command" eight men. She can get knotted, I'm not obeying some girl in the field ... fine her commanding eight girls, not an issue. Moreover, she should not be anywhere near the men's units (see Fred Reed). And yes, I accept it's an issue for the men, not the girls ... but it's still an issue lowering efficiency and morale. It's Woke bollox. So I didn't run that ohoto.

(ii) I did run the one of the medical corps girl ... that's absolutely where the gals should be. Look, nothing against combat girls' units as stand alones ... could be useful ... but nowhere near the men.  And the other was the girls insisting on long hair down and femininity ... absolutely, girls, 100% support for your stance.


  1. A soldier with a plaited pigtail? Now what with all that equality stuff that is going to lead to male squadies with the same. Then man-buns, then who knows what?
    All driving their battery powered armoured vehicles from charging (No, not a traditional army charge) point to charging point across the battlefield.
    At least they do not have fat lips.
    But the eyebrows show excessive cam paint.

  2. 1,3 and 4 are fakes - models to go with a news story...

    #1 is about female soldiers being allowed to let their hair down.
    #3 is from an advert for the combat jacket and embroidered name strips
    #4 is from the news story about US female soldiers being allowed on special ops. She also appears (same pic) in another story about UK female soldiers, even though she wears the US flag and a Polish name strip.

    #2 is genuine. Abby Martin, 20, a British army medic awarded for treating a wounded British soldier whilst under fire.

    1. JH: 2’s a cool babe though.

    2. She can treat me anytime. Lovely smile. But that pic is from 2013, wonder if she's still so fantastically pretty.


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