Friday, May 26, 2023

Friday [5 to 8]

(0616) Covfefe.(0655)

8.  From today's DAD drop at NOWP

Pope Francis has called for world leaders to implement an “end” to the “era of fossil fuel,” in his message released for the ecumenical Season of Creation taking place later this year.

{DAD – The ‘Catholic Science’ has always been years behind the true ‘Science’.}

7.  And so it goes on

6.  RIP Tina Turner

Were you aware that one of those chorus girls was PP Arnold? More on her later.

5.  MftWC too

Military situation in Donbass on May 25, 2023 (Map Update)

Russia Advance Near Bakhmut, Avdeyevka, Ukr Belgorod Psyops, Zaluzhny Mystery, Russia Iran Finance

Welt, Putin tops Ukraine list. Podolyak, offensive started. Bojo in Texas. Elensky home seized. U/1

Looming munity among Kiev regime forces?

Team Biden Antagonizing Putin - Judge Napolitano | Alastair Crooke

President Biden Making Enemies Everywhere - Judge Napolitano | Phil Giraldi

The Purpose of NATO | Scott Ritter, Norman Solomon & Paul Craig Roberts

In 2014, NATO authorized Ukraine to ‘Exterminate’ opponents of the newly US-installed Ukrainian government


  1. I love the intellectually sophisticated understanding of chemistry evinced in #7. He might as well complain that table salt is a mixture of toxic chlorine and toxic sodium.

    1. JH: Yep, I just had toxic cod and tatties for lunch.

  2. 7. This article is from ten years ago.

    Who holds the patent? None other than our old friend Monsanto.

  3. 6. RIP Tina Turner
    Where Tina Turner's voice was best for me was on Nutbush City Limits... but if you compare her 'I Can't Stand The Rain' to the Ann Peebles' original - it's like comparing Gary Moore's take of 'Love That Burns' to Peter Green's original (...I reckon)


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