Friday, May 26, 2023

Friday [1 to 4]

(0537) Morning all.

4.  I was going on and on and on

... to Toodles about this very phenomenon of excessively praising that which is just normal in anyone from years ago. This is one example I used:

"This Moosh in London with all the old postcards (I sometimes post) ... well her man is Chelsea Dan, whose team lost last evening, badly. He was distraught, analysing it.  Every few sentences, he speaks of going to collect his woman ... she sees it and goes on about waiting for her man.

An alien from Zog, observing, would say why do these two, who are obviously a unit, go on and on about being a unit? Tom Cruise did that about KH."

But in the case of ordinary folk going on about what used to be taken as read, we can often wax excessive. And it's not just me ... so many go on about male and female together, as if it's under assault, male female.

And it is.  Look at these other assaults on normal things where we then excessively reassert the normal as we know it:

Gardens and landscapes ... so many posting pic after pic, reaffirming, reaffirming, reaffirming. In "normal" times, it would seem weird of us ... in these times, it seems necessary.

3.  Amfortas

a.  #3. Tina, RIP. But if we are to speak of 'The Best' then note also that Jeremy Clarke died too, after a very long, drawn out battle with cancer. He documented much of his travail in the Specci, with immense patience, stoicism, humour, erudition, and gratitude to his French doctors and his excellent wife Catriona. His 'Low Life' column will be missed and memory of this fine eccentric Englishman will remain. RIP Jeremy.

b.  Whilst we are on the subject...... if you are a bloke and would not just lerve to have a go at this, you ain't gonna cut it.

2.  Andy

I know what happened with bud lite but hadn't heard much about target, didn't know what all the kerfuffle was about. One of the sites which I haven't visited for a long time, too long, has this. Eye opening? My eyes popped out like organ stops at the open mention of satan and rainbow cuddly baphomet. No hiding, not occluded any more, it's right out front.

1.  MftWC one

Injured C**ID jab recipients sue governments, Big Pharma in pursuit of restitution

MHRA’s failures have cost lives

Australian Senate Votes Not to Investigate Excess Deaths

Check out “The Unseen Crisis,” a feature-length documentary film about the debilitating after-effects of C**id “vaccination”

Pfizer donations to organisations in 2021, of course, had no influence...

Culling the herd, killing the plebs: the true vaxadoodle agenda?

Injured C**ID jab recipients sue Biden regime for censoring truths that could have protected them from suffering permanent health damage

It beggars belief..

The FBI Has Crossed The Rubicon [Video]

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