Wednesday, March 22, 2023

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Elevenses or close enough.

16.  Ian J

This article by Dr Mike Yeadon (on TCW) reinforces my suspision that 'Flu' or some other virus was conveniently re-badged to suit Them's' purposes:

15.  Woodsy42

They recently demolished a dam near La Roche (near a friend's place just west of St Hilaire du Harcouet). Lost a beautiful looking artificial lake and fishing area and now have a muddy stream in a valley that looks like a scene of abject destruction. Sadly the UK is no better -

14.  Torquaymada

We live in interesting times....

13.  When Vox gives his silly Boomer posts a rest*

… he starts to make sense:

* It’s like this with generations … there are generations you can speak authoritatively on, those less so and those you’re really relying on secondary and tertiary sources.

It depends also on how much personal contact you have, e.g. siblings, parents, children, grandchildren, whether you’re a school teacher … that sort of thing. Those not from your own generation with whom you often deal are a secondary source, but secondary’s not bad.

Being specific, let’s say you were born August 1968, a mid Gen X coming of age in the techno era, the single earring generation … you’re authoritative on firstly your own lot, also the Millennials following, plus a fir bit on Gen Z after Millennials as they’re your children and their mates.

Going the other way, you know little about Boomers, except from what they say, apart from famous and infamous events. You don’t know their antecedents all that well, how they felt at the time, but they certainly know you, as they can observe in real time. You weren’t around to observe pre-1968, though you can read and see documentaries. Often you label music Boomer which is not at all … it’s distinctly pre-Boomer … 60s music is essentially pre-Boomer but you’re not to know that, younger bro.

You become authoritative again before the Boomers, as that’s your parents’ gen.  You can also speak on Gen Z as mentioned, as they’re your children. The generation you know diddly squat about, except in a secondhand way, is the Boomer, the one before you. 

Therefore badmouthing by a Gen X is not worth a pinch of S to a Boomer, it’s a nothingburger.

And that works for all generations. Boomers, for example, see the legacy of the Elvises and Debbie Harrys but are hardly authorities … we weren’t there in 1943, we have no idea what it was like, though we can read and listen of course. We can’t feel what it was like. 

I’m ok on the 50s as I was actually there, but I’m on shaky ground with the 40s.  I do better with my father’s generation than the 40s because I knew more of them.

Now, if I start badmouthing those born in the 40s, then I’m a moron.  I’d say the same applies to a Millennial. He knows diddly about Gen X pressures they felt, about their acid house parties but Gen X know much more about Millennials.  You see where I’m going here?

12.  MftWC too

Pfizer’s Secret Collusion With the NIH

Mistakes were not made; The Great Democide of the 2020s was not a mistake

‘Patient influencers’ paid by Big Pharma to mislead followers

Dr Eric Nepute urges Americans to continue talking about C**ID “conspiracy theories” that are actually facts

There Is No Nanotechnology In The Nanotechnological C19 Shots? That Is Not Logical

Bill Gates wants global ‘fire department’ for Pandemics


  1. This article by Dr Mike Yeadon (on TCW) reinforces my suspision that 'Flu' or some other virus was conveniently re-badged to suit ;Them's' purposes:

    1. Steve

      James has added a 'd' to the end of your link Ian, accidently I'm sure but you get this:

      D-Day: A reminder of what happens when politics fails

    2. JH: James fell asleep in the armchair, that’s what happened./d

  2. It is a hobby enthusiastically pursued by the French civil service to destroy every dam they can. They play a patient game, the purpose of which is to ensure that no commercially viable means of generating electricity remains in private hands

  3. Every generation blames the ones before.
    What Vox says about Boomers is generally correct. However because of his generation he doesn't mention any others.
    No generation is perfect after all it the the previous generation that brought up your generation to be what it is.and these things go in cycles. It is no more the boomers fault than it is the snowflakes who were brought up in such a cotton wool world that they freak out when something doesn't go their way.
    Hard Men make good times
    Weak men make bad times.
    Hard men create an environment that weakens men until they become so weak they create hard times. That is where we are now. Watching our leaders create these hard times.

    We never learn and those that do are told, every time, that this time it will be different. They are so arrogant that they think they can control human nature.
    It can only be controlled at the business end of a spear and that lasts until some people decide to make their own pointy objects.


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